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Welcome to the New Zealand Parole Board


The Board’s role in the Criminal Justice System is to undertake an assessment of the risk that long-term sentenced offenders might pose to the safety of the community if they were to be released before the end of their sentence.  The Board also sets conditions of release for offenders so their reintegration back in to the community can be effectively managed.  Once the conditions are set it becomes the responsibility of the Community Probation Service to manage the offender.  

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Decisions of Public Interest

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Information for Victims

This section contains information about Victims' rights and how victims may participate in Board hearings.

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Information for Offenders

This section contains information about Offenders’ rights and how offenders (and their support people) may participate in Board Hearings.

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Contact Us

PO Box 939
Tel: 0800 727 653
Tel: 04-495-8400

Media Contact

The New Zealand Parole Board is committed to providing media with information on its policies and operations in a timely and transparent manner.

To find out any information about the Board, or to request a copy of a decision, please email your enquiry to
Justine Turner Communications Manager NZ Parole Board or telephone:

Media Contact: 021 769 849