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Chariperson Justice J W Gendall

Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Parole Board.

The New Zealand Parole Board (the Board) is an independent statutory body that considers offenders, (serving a prison sentence of more than two years), for release on parole, compassionate release and release at their statutory or final release date.

When making decisions about or in any way relating to the release of an offender, the most important consideration for the Board in every case is the safety of the community. 


We're working on top line figures for parole effectiveness these would include:


*    Most weeks the Board sees between 150 to 250 offenders.

*    Around 50% of offenders who aren't paroled (but were eligible), and complete their full sentence, reoffend. 

*    Twelve months after release:

o   Offenders released on parole are significantly less likely to reoffend than those who complete their full sentences. 

o   Offenders released on parole are less likely to reoffend, than offenders released at the completion of their sentence.

o   Offences committed by those released on Parole are significantly less serious than those released at the end of their sentence.


Victims' Code

The NZ Parole Board supports the NZ Victims' Code developed by the Government and held by the Ministry of Justice.
The Victims' Code has been developed to improve the responsiveness and accountability of justice sector agencies to victims. See more here.

Decisions of Public Interest

Contact Us

To find out any information about the Board, or communicate with the administrators, please contact:

PO Box 939
Tel: 0800 727 653
Tel: 04-495-8400

Media Contact

The New Zealand Parole Board is committed to providing media with information on its policies and operations in a timely and transparent manner.

Media wanting information or a decision outcome can contact:
(Communication Manager)
Or Tel: 021 714209



To request a decision on a particular offender, complete the Request for New Zealand Parole Board Decision form [pdf v5.1;270kb], which may be emailed or posted to the Board.