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Welcome to the New Zealand Parole Board

Chariperson Justice J W Gendall

The New Zealand Parole Board (the Board) is an independent statutory body that considers offenders, who are serving a sentence of more than two years in prison, for release on parole, compassionate release and release at their statutory or final release date.

When making decisions about or in any way relating to the release of an offender, the most important consideration for the Board in every case is the safety of the community.

Decisions of Public Interest

Contact Us

PO Box 939
Tel: 0800 727 653
Tel: 04-495-8400

Media Contact

The New Zealand Parole Board is committed to providing media with information on its policies and operations in a timely and transparent manner.

To find out any information about the Board, or to request a copy of a decision, please email your enquiry to
(Communications Manager)
Or Telephone: 021 769 849