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Who's Who

ChairpersonJustice Glendall

Hon. Justice J W Gendall - became a barrister sole in 1986 and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1996.  He took appointment to the High Court Bench the same year and is based in the Wellington High Court. He was made a Companion of the Order of Merit in 2012. Appointed: 2012.

Deputy Chairperson

The Hon. Marion Frater - was appointed a District Court Judge in 1990.  She was Chair of the Arohata Prison Board from 1999 to 2002 and from 2003 to 2007 was a Judge of the High Court.  Appointed: 2007

Panel Convenors

Judge Louis Bidois  - was appointed a District Court Judge in July 2002. Judge Bidois’ tribal affiliation is to Te Arawa.  Appointed: 2011 

Judge Peter Butler - was appointed a District Court Judge in 2003. Appointed: 2006

Judge Russell Callander - a District Court Judge from 1981. Appointed: 2002

Judge Michael Crosbie - was appointed to the District Court Bench in 2001, and served as Chairperson of the Wanganui District Prison Board from 2001 to 2003. Appointed: 2003

Judge Carolyn Henwood – was appointed a District Court Judge in 1985.  Former Chairperson of the Rimutaka District Prison Board Appointed: 2006

Judge David Holderness -  was appointed to the District Court Bench in 1993.  Judge Holderness chaired the Dunedin District Prisons Board from 1996 until 2002. Appointed: 2011

Judge Raymond Kean – became a District Court Judge in 1988.  Appointed: 2002 

Judge Anne Kiernan - was appointed to the Bench in 2002. Appointed: 2011

Judge Margaret Lee -  was appointed District Court Judge in 1987. Former Chairperson of the Arohata District Prison Board.  Appointed: 2010

Judge Barry Lovegrove - was appointed a District Court Judge in 1995. Was Chair of Manawatu District Prison Board. Appointed: 2003

Judge Jane Lovell-Smith - Appointed District Court Judge in 1994 and chaired the Auckland District Prison Board. Appointed: 2002

Judge John Macdonald - became a District Court Judge in 1990 and formerly chaired the Canterbury District Prison Board. Appointed: 2002

Judge Sir Patrick Mahony - was appointed a District Court Judge in 1977. Principal Family Court Judge in April 1985. Appointed: 2006

Judge David Mather – was appointed a District and Family Court Judge in 1997.  Appointed May 2012

Judge Eddie Paul - was sworn in as a District Court Judge at Auckland in 2008. Appointed :2010

Judge James Rota – was appointed a District Court Judge in 1993. Appointed: 2004

Judge David Saunders - was appointed in 1993, and served as Chair of the Invercargill District Prison Board from 1997 to 2002. Appointed: 2002

Judge Ian Thomas - was appointed a District Court Judge in December 1988. Appointed: 2006

Judge Arthur Tompkins - became a District Court Judge in 1997. Appointed: 2004.

Judge Richard Watson  -  became a District Court Judge in 1990 and is the former Chair of the Taumarunui and Turangi District Prison Board. Appointed: 2002

Non-judicial Members

Douglas Bailey – is a consultant with Russell McVeagh, specialising in public law and policy and state sector governance. Appointed: 2012.

Associate Professor Philip Brinded – is a leading forensic psychiatrist in private practice.  Appointed: 2004

Timothy Burns – was the Executive Director of Volunteering New Zealand, and General Manager of Elizabeth Memorial Hospital. Appointed: 2012.

Lesley Campbell – spent 24 years with the Probation Service with secondments to the Samoa and Vanuatu Probation Services. Appointed: 2010

Michael Christensen - ARIENZ JP, former Chairman of Bay of Plenty Legal Services Board prior. Appointed: 2011

Janice Donaldson - has previously held positions in health and social service agencies, including the Community Probation Service and assisted various Maori and community-based legal services in Christchurch. Appointed: 2002

Sue Driver – is a consultant in areas of governance, management and evaluation. Appointed: 2012.

Matt Hakiaha – was a Probation Officer and worked extensively in youth justice for the Department of Social Welfare, involved with the recruiting and training of restorative justice facilitators and also with social and community development and the Te Whanau O Waipareira Trust.  Appointed:  2002

Douglas Hauraki – has spent 40 years managing a variety of public and private sector positions. Former general manager and Chief Executive of the Maori Education Trust. Appointed: 2012.

Glenda Hughes – a former Police Officer, with a degree in Sociology and Criminology. Appointed :2010

Richard Lewis – a former Senior Probation Officer in Christchurch and has had 17 years experience in the criminal justice sector in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  Appointed: 2004

Bryan McMurray - retired from the New Zealand Prison Service in 2008. He has 37 years experience working with offenders in the criminal justice field, has managed prisons and held senior leadership and project manager roles in the Prison Service. Appointed: 2008

Lavinia Nathan - previously managed the Te Piriti Unit for offenders convicted of sexual abuse against children, and is a Community Magistrate.  Appointed: 2002

Shannon Pakura - has been Professional Advisor for the Social Worker Registration Board, she has worked extensively in the child protection and youth justice sector, and was the former Chief Social Worker for Child Youth and Family.  Appointed: 2008

Tipene Paul  - was employed as a Reintegration Coordinator, at the Te Piriti Special Treatment Unit at Auckland Prison from 2006 until 2011.  Appointed: 2011

Rhonda Pritchard - a counselor, supervisor, trainer and mediator for twenty nine years.  Between 2006 and 2008 she was a senior research analyst in the Ministry of Social Development. Appointed: 2008

Alan Ritchie - A barrister and solicitor until 1985, when he accepted the position of CEO and Executive Director New Zealand Law Society, Wellington. Appointed: 2008

Alexander Shaw - Appointed 2011: A former Wellington Councilor and Deputy Mayor for six years, Mr Shaw has served as Chair on a wide range of Boards within Crown Entities, Council Controlled Organisations and private industry. Mr. Shaw has been an independent commissioner since 2006. Appointed: 2011

Dr Jeremy Skipworth - is a forensic psychiatrist and the head of the Mason Clinic.  He has worked in forensic services since 1997, and was Deputy Director of Mental Health at the Ministry of Health 2003-2007.  Appointed: 2008

Kathryn Snook – is a barrister and solicitor with 20 years legal experience working in private practice and government including the Department of Social Welfare and the Office of Treaty Settlements. Appointed: 2011

James Thomson - former probation officer and service manager responsible for home detention in Christchurch, and member of the Rolleston and Christchurch District Prison Boards.  Appointed: 2002

Neville Trendle – currently a part time barrister and a consultant at the Law Commission, retired from the New Zealand Police in 2001 after 38 years’ service in 2001, including 10 years as an Assistant Commissioner. Appointed: 2008

Robin Wilson - retired in 1994 after 34 years in the Public Service, including Deputy Director-General of Social Welfare and General Manager of the New Zealand Children and Young Persons Service, he was the Ombudsman’s South Island representative for penal issues.  Appointed: 2002