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Home Detention

1. What is home detention?

  • Home detention is when an offender serves his or her prison sentence, or part of the sentence, at an approved residence.  Offenders on home detention wear an electronic device so their movements can be monitored.

2. How does home detention work? 

  • At sentencing the Judge can grant offenders who receive a short-term sentence (two years or less) leave to apply for home detention.
  • This is called front-end home detention – i.e. it is applied for at the beginning of a sentence. If it is deferred by the Judge, an offender has two weeks to apply, during which time they will be granted bail.
  • Offenders serving long-term sentences can apply for back-end home detention five months before their Parole Eligibility Date, though, if granted, they won’t be released until three months before their PED.

3. Can offenders on home detention leave their approved residences?

  • Yes.  Offenders on home detention can leave their residences with the approval of their Probation Officer.  This can include going to work.
    See Conditions.

4. Who monitors an offender when they are on home detention?