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Victims' Rights

Your rights as a Registered Victim

What are you entitled to?

If you are a Registered Victim you will automatically receive notification:

  • that the offender has become eligible to be considered for parole
  • that the offender is being considered for release on conditions
  • that a panel convenor has signed an interim order for the offender to be returned to custody
  • that the offender has - or has not - been recalled to prison

You will also be:

  • invited to make a written or oral submissions, or both, ahead of the Board hearing
  • advised of the Board's decision following the hearing
Non-registered victims

Even if you are not a registered victim, under the Victim Rights Act you still have the right to provide input and get information about the Board's decisions.

A non-registered victim can ask to make an oral submission. The Board has discretion on whether to grant that request, but is unlikely to agree if the request is from someone without a personal connection to the case.

You will not be notified automatically when an offender has a hearing but you can make written submissions and apply to give an oral submission to the Board about the offender's case.

If you prepare a submission you will be notified of the outcome of the offender's case.