Clinton Michael DEARMAN - 17/08/2016

Parole Hearing
Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Clinton Michael DEARMAN

Hearing:  17 August 2016  By AVL from NZPB Offices, Wellington to [Withheld]

Members of the Board:

  • Hon. J W Gendall QC
  • Ms S Driver
  • Ms G Hughes

Support Persons:

  • [Withheld]


1. Clinton Dearman is serving a sentence of seven years six months’ imprisonment for two separate aggravated robberies of pharmacies.  He was sentenced on 2 October 2013 and his sentences were upheld on his appeal by the Court of Appeal.  He is to reach his parole eligibility date on 30 August 2016 and is seen for the first time on this sentence by the Board.

2. His sentence end date is nearly four years hence, namely 30 May 2020.  Mr Dearman had an inauspicious start to his sentence incurring misconducts on 8 May 2014, 27 December 2014, 11 August 2015 and 19 August 2015.  He had a significant drug addiction to prescription medicines and included in his criminal history were offences in relation to cannabis and alcohol.

3. He commenced the Drug Treatment Unit six month programme in January 2016 and has just completed that formal programme. He has received good reports as to the progress he made.  He is minimum security classification. There is reference in the parole assessment report to him being subject to a gang alert, although there is no objective information as to that type of sympathy.  He has suffered a back injury and is on prescription medication.

4. The parole assessment report indicates that further intervention whether in the form of STURP or MIRP may be advisable and the report says, “Following an assessment a clinical recommendation to attend the STURP or MIRP will be made.”

5. Mr Dearman is not motivated for STURP at present.  He has suitable accommodation available in [Withheld]  with [Withheld]. But we are not persuaded that he has yet reached the stage where he is no longer an undue risk to the safety of the community.  Whilst drug issues have been addressed, his criminogenic propensities have not. We are of the clear view that he needs to be assessed as to his suitability for either the STURP or MIRP programmes (with overrides if necessary). The clinical decision in respect of those matters is the province of prison management.

6. Accordingly parole is declined.  Mr Dearman will be seen again in the month of August 2017, that is before 31 August 2017 and he will be aware of the possibility of applying to be seen earlier should circumstances warrant this.

Hon. J W Gendall QC
Panel Convenor