Information for the media

We are committed to providing journalists with information on our operations in a timely and transparent manner.

To request a decision, or make any other query, please visit our contact page.

Media education

The Board has an internationally-recognised media education programme that allows journalists to observe hearings, to understand the Board's role and functions.

This is facilitated for learning purposes, as a backgrounder, which is strictly not for reporting.

If you are a member of the news media who is interested in this professional development, please enquire via our contact page.

Media attendance at hearings

Hearings of the New Zealand Parole Board are not open to the public as they are often held within prisons.

Journalists can apply to attend a Board hearing by making a written request via the contact page, specifying the hearing you want to attend.

The Board panel convenor has discretion over who attends hearings, and media applications are considered as part of this.

If a media application is approved, reporting restrictions can be imposed by the Board.

Can I film or photograph a hearing for news purposes?

No. Audio and video recording, as well as photography, is prohibited for media given approval to attend a hearing.