Victims' rights

If you are a registered victim you will automatically receive notification:

  • that the offender has become eligible to be considered for parole
  • that the offender is being considered for release on conditions
  • that a panel convenor has signed an interim order for the offender to be recalled to custody
  • that the offender has - or has not - been recalled to prison

You will also be:

  • invited to make a written or oral submission, or both, ahead of the Board hearing
  • advised of the Board's decision following the hearing

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Victims' Code of Rights

The NZ Parole Board supports the Victims' Code, which sets out how people can expect to be treated when they’re a victim of crime.

The Victims' Code:

  • outlines victims’ rights
  • lists the full range of services available to victims both within the criminal justice system and from other government agencies and non-government organisations
  • state service standards
  • clarifies complaints processes
  • requires agencies to collect data on services to victims, and
  • includes a consideration of the needs of Maori victims, victims in hard to reach communities, and victims of sexual and domestic violence.

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