Support and info

People affected by crime can find comprehensive information about the justice system and support services on the government Victims information website.

Parole process guide

We've created a guide on the parole process PDF, 3.8 MB that has information on parole hearings and provides answers to some frequently asked questions.

Victim Notification System

If you are registered on the victim notification system and would like to update your contact details, or would like to request information about an offender to assist in preparing your submission to the Board, please contact:

The Victim Information Manager
Department of Corrections
PO Box 1206


Phone:  0800 603 240

Further information on victim notification is available on the Department of Corrections website

Victim Notification App (ViNA)

If you’re registered on the victim notification system and the defendant in your case was sentenced, you can receive your notifications through The Victim Notification App (ViNA).

ViNA is a secure website where you can create an account and control how you receive information. By signing up for ViNA, you’ll be able to receive new notifications faster, personalise your settings, automatically send alerts to support people so they can check in with you, and keep your information secure. You can read more about this app in this ViNA brochure. PDF, 112.3 KB

To sign up, please email: