Adrian Tony FENTON - 18/05/2016


Parole hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002


Adrian Tony FENTON

Hearing: 18 May 2016 At [Withheld] Prison

Members of the Board: 
      Judge D Saunders – Panel Convenor
      Ms T Williams-Blyth
      Mr S Perry


Support Persons: 


1. Mr Fenton is appearing before the Board for further consideration of release on parole.  He was represented at the hearing by [Withheld].  He had support from [Withheld].

2. [Withheld] indicated from the outset that his client was not seeking a release on parole today as he is still completing the [Withheld] programme.  He sees his way forward as being able to move to Self Care and Release to Work and that he appreciates that that will take time to complete.

3. The issue around the victim submissions was raised with Mr Fenton.  He accepts from what he has read in the victim submissions that he is not welcome back in Taranaki from the perspective of the victim’s [Withheld].

4. We are informed that [Withheld], provide Mr Fenton with a stable home to be released to in due course.

5. It is clear that his former partner, [Withheld] is also prepared to contemplate that step so that there will be some further input by Mr Fenton into [Withheld].

6. Mr Fenton is realistic in that he does not expect to be released immediately.  He still has strong denial factors about being involved in the actual offence which resulted in him being charged with murder and ultimately convicted of manslaughter.  He fully accepts that he did participate in an organised criminal group and that he was in possession unlawfully of a firearm.

7. [Withheld]

8. Mr Fenton has a good deal of work ahead of him in the next year by way of completing the programme that he is on and seeking [Withheld].  He should be seen no later than 31 May 2017 for further consideration of parole.


Judge D Saunders
Panel Convenor