Gene Desmond HANHAM - 31/11/2016

Parole hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Gene Desmond HANHAM

Hearing: 31 October 2016 At [Withheld] Via AVL to NZ Parole Board, Wellington

Members of the Board:

  • Ms K Snook – Panel Convenor
  • Ms S Driver
  • Ms P Rose

Support People:

  • [Withheld]


1. Gene Desmond Hanham, 29, appeared for a further consideration of parole on a sentence of two years four months’ imprisonment for assault with intent to rape and three breaches of a protection order.

2. Mr Hanham has a low prison security classification, a RoC*RoI of 0.36621, and a sentence expiry date of 30 July 2017.

3. Mr Hanham saw the Board last on 3 May 2016.  That Board had a psychological assessment.  The recommendation at that time was that Mr Hanham should have completed the ASOTP but due to his denial was not eligible for that programme.  One to one psychological counselling was the alternative.

4. The last Board supported Mr Hanham completing one to one counselling but noted that its efficacy may not be clear given his ongoing denial that he committed the offending.

5. There has been ongoing uncertainty about what Mr Hanham does accept about the offending.  The parole assessment report says that Mr Hanham took a plea bargain to get a lesser sentence and says he did not commit the offending.

6. Importantly Mr Hanham says that he has now instigated [Withheld] counselling [Withheld].  He accepts he needs help in dealing with issues from his own past.

7. We note that the officer gave a very good report about Mr Hanham’s conduct and work ethic.

8. In terms of one to one psychological treatment, that has not yet started.  Mr Hanham says that it is his understanding that it may not commence until May/June 2017.  He said he is willing to complete the one to one psychological work as he wants help so he does not come back to prison.

9. We note that the psychological assessment of 21 March 2016 assesses Mr Hanham as being at medium to high risk of sexual re-offending and at high risk of domestic violence.  That report refers to the early onset of Mr Hanham’s sexualised behaviour and severe brain trauma in a car accident at 18.

10. It also refers to Mr Hanham admitting lying to the Board previously [Withheld].

11. It is clear there is significant work Mr Hanham needs to undertake to reduce his risk.  We support him being offered [Withheld] counselling as a matter of priority.  He needs to address his offending and produce a robust safety and release plan.

12. For today, risk remains undue.  The Board will see Mr Hanham again in May 2017 and no later than the end of that month.  If Mr Hanham has completed work [Withheld] by that time, it would be helpful if he could make his treatment report available to the next Board.

Ms K Snook
Panel Convenor