Jesse KELLY - 07/06/2016


Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002



Hearing:   7 June 2016 at  [Withheld]
Members of the Board: 
       Ms K Snook (Panel Convenor)
       Mr R Crotty
       Mr J Thomson

Support Persons: 


1. Jesse Kelly, 21, appeared for a further consideration of parole on a sentence of two years, four months’ imprisonment for injuring with intent to injure and threatening to kill.

2. Mr Kelly has a minimum prison security classification, a RoC*Rol of 0.759, and a sentence expiry date of 2 October 2016.

3. Mr Kelly waived his last appearance in front of the Board on 10 July 2015.  He was on the DTU.  He had previously been exited from that programme.

4. To his credit Mr Kelly successfully graduated from the DTU (3) on 24 March 2016.  We have seen a good report about his conduct and participation on that course. 

5. There have, however, been three misconducts since Mr Kelly saw the Board last.  Two were while he was participating in the DTU.  Mr Kelly told the Board that one of the misconducts [Withheld].

6. The most recent misconduct involved him participating in a three-way call with another inmate.  He could not explain today why he did that and accepts that it was stupid.

7. It is of concern that Mr Kelly continues to make poor decisions in the company of others, particularly as he was near the end of the DTU at that time. 

8. We have a psychological report from 8 June 2015.  That report assesses Mr Kelly’s risk as high.  The recommendation is that he completes the STURP programme.  There is now however insufficient time for Mr Kelly to complete the STURP.  He is waitlisted for the one to one psychological intervention referred to in the psychological report.  That is seen as a time-limited psychological intervention in order to assist him with making informed decisions with respect to his short and midterm rehabilitative goals.

9. [Withheld] is referred to in the psychological report as an alternative to the STURP.  Mr Kelly told the Board today that although he read some material about [Withheld], he does not think that is an appropriate programme for him.

10. Mr Kelly has no approved address at this time.  Although he would prefer to live [Withheld].

11. Mr Kelly has been referred to PARS however he has not heard back about an address at this time.

12. For today, risk remains undue and parole is declined.

13. The Board remains concerned about the risk posed by Mr Kelly.  The officer who attended the hearing today referred to Mr Kelly having matured “somewhat”.  The officer also referred to the fact that Mr Kelly needs to be aware of the company that he keeps. 

14. We will see Mr Kelly again in August 2016 and no later than 31 August 2016 for the further consideration of a short period of time on parole or for the setting of his final conditions of release.

15. In the time between now and the next hearing we support Mr Kelly being offered the one to one psychological intervention which is referred to in the psychological report.

16. Mr Kelly should also work on developing his release proposal including an approved address for release.  


Ms K Snook
Panel Convenor