Andrew POPO - 19/04/2016

Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Parole hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Andrew POPO

Hearing: 19 April 2016 at [Withheld]

Members of the Board: 
      Mr N Trendle – Panel Convenor
      Ms F Pimm 
      Mr B McMurray


Support Person: 


1. Andrew Popo is making a further appearance before the Board on a sentence of eight years nine months’ imprisonment for manslaughter, injuring with intent to injure and other offending.  He has 12 months remaining on that sentence with a statutory release date of 12 April 2017. 

2. Since Mr Popo last appeared before the Board he has successfully completed the [Withheld] Programme together with the maintenance sessions.  The parole assessment report records that he has completed all rehabilitation programmes and is on course to participate in reintegration activities.  He is waitlisted for Self Care and Release to Work.

3. Mr Popo is represented today by his counsel, [Withheld], who noted the progress that Mr Popo had made in completing, although somewhat recently, his rehabilitation activities.  He is presently engaged on the farm gang and working outside the wire.  [Withheld] notes that he will be very shortly eligible to be considered for Release to Work and submitted the Board should recommend that step.  Mr Popo had engaged with [Withheld] and had support in his transition to the community from both [Withheld] with supported accommodation and from the [Withheld] programme.  [Withheld] attended the hearing in Mr Popo’s support and indicated the commitment of the programme to assist Mr Popo.

4. Mr Popo’s PCO confirmed the progress he had made whilst working outside the wire.  He indicated that there were no barriers in the way of his progress onto Self Care and Release to Work. 

5. The Board notes the satisfactory completion of Mr Popo’s programmes and we are of the view that he ought now to engage in reintegration activities without delay.  Accordingly, we support his progress onto Release to Work and the Self Care units as soon as practicable. 

6. [Withheld] submitted that the Board should see Mr Popo in six months’ time.  That would allow him to further his progress on reintegration and to finalise his release proposal.  The Board accepts that submission.  Whilst parole must be declined today, we will schedule Mr Popo to return to the Board in six months’ time by 30 October 2016 for parole to be further considered.  The Board anticipates that the [Withheld] reintegration service may be in a position to have supported accommodation available for Mr Popo after the date he returns to the Board.


Mr N Trendle
Panel Convenor