Luke Frederick SIBLEY - 22/01/2016


Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Luke Frederick SIBLEY

Hearing: 22 January 2016 At (withheld) Prison

Members of the Board: 
      Hon JW Gendall QC – Panel Convenor
      Judge E Paul
      Dr J Skipworth 
      Mr J Thomson
In attendance:  (withheld)



1. Luke Frederick Sibley is serving a life sentence imposed on 3 July 1997 for the murder of a three year old child, together with a concurrent sentence of attempted murder of the mother of that child.  He was then aged 18 and he is now aged 37 so he has spent more than half of his life in prison.  His parole eligibility date was 7 February 2010.

2. When last seen by the Board in February 2015 it noted that he remained untested in an uncontrolled environment and careful cautious reintegration steps were necessary.  He continues to have the assistance of the (withheld), which is encouraging. 

3. His original plans to seek release to Whanganui, where [Withheld] has offered accommodation, have now altered.  He has shown insight into the short comings of such a plan and he is to be commended for that. 

4. The present aim is that he works with (withheld)  towards developing a circle of support with the assistance of church people in (withheld).  He has completed the Child Sex Offender’s Programme in February 2013 (Withheld)

5.  The risks remain undue and his release is not recommended at present. There is required considerable reintegration work, a circle of support and accommodation firmly in place.

6. Mr Sibley has a way to go before he would reach the stage of no longer being an undue risk to the safety of the community and parole must be declined.  He is urged to engage with his case manager and reintegration coordinator, so as to work on a release plan. Although, it is in an infancy stage, nevertheless it appears to be a promising pathway.

7. Parole is declined.  Mr Sibley will be seen again in February 2017. An updated psychological report is required then.


Hon JW Gendall QC
Panel Convenor