Jeremiah Christopher SUA - 07/12/2016

Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002

Jeremiah Christopher SUA

Hearing: 7 December 2016 At [Withheld] Via AVL to New Zealand Parole Board

Members of the Board:

  • Judge L Bidois – Panel Convenor
  • Mr B McMurray
  • Mr S Perry


1. Jeremiah Sua is for consideration of parole for the first time on a sentence of five years, 11 months for supplying methamphetamine.  Mr Sua is subject to a non-parole period of two years, 11 months and two weeks.

2. His SED was 16 December 2014.  His PED was 6 December 2016.  His SRD is 6 November 2019.

3. Mr Sua has no address.  Mr Sua waives his right to appear in front of the Board.  He has four misconducts.  He is currently waitlisted for the DTU and MIRP.  Mr Sua needs to complete both DTU and MIRP before he could be considered for parole.

4. As an untreated prisoner Mr Sua poses an undue risk to the community.  Parole will be declined.  We will see Mr Sua no later than 30 November 2017.

Judge L Bidois
Panel Convenor