Brian Paul TAYLOR - 01/03/2016


Parole hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Brian Paul TAYLOR

Hearing: 1 March 2016 at [Withheld]

Members of the Board: 

       Judge E Paul – Panel Convenor
       Mr D Hauraki
       Mr B McMurray



Support Persons 



1. Brian Paul Taylor again appears for parole consideration on a 16 year jail sentence for a raft of violent offending including firearms.  He is a 45 year old man who has served a large part of his sentence.  He has a high RoC*RoI and is currently low/medium security.  He was represented at this hearing by his counsel, [Withheld].  He was supported by [Withheld].

2. When last seen by the Board in August 2015, it was recommended then that he receive reintegration to put into practice the skills he learned on the STURP.  Also he needed to be challenged on his reintegration pathway given the length of time he has spent in prison. 

3. Today, we received reports from both Mr Taylor’s counsel and himself that he is being declined any temporary releases or any reintegration effectively by the Corrections panel.  Accordingly, he is in the same position he was in August 2015. 

4. He has an approved address [Withheld] and his counsel’s submission was that he could be released subject to electronic-monitoring to reintegrate him that way into the community.   The Board declines to accept that invitation.  Clearly, all the professionals that have been involved with Mr Taylor as recently as the psychologist, support him in participating in reintegration.  It is not for this Board to manage Mr Taylor’s plan but we suggest that Corrections consider all options which could lead to reintegration including the potential for Mr Taylor to attend [Withheld].  Given his index offending, it would not be appropriate that the Hawkes Bay programme be considered.  However, it seems given the length of time he has served and that he is moving to the end of his sentence, opportunities should be made available for him to reintegrate into the community.  Otherwise it is the Board’s concern that he will get to his sentence end date with no reintegration work done and simply be released.

5. For today, parole is declined.  Mr Taylor will be seen in the February 2017 Board.


Judge E Paul
Panel Convenor