Adam WALLACE - 31/10/2016

Parole Hearing
Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002


Hearing: 31 October 2016 at [Withheld]

Members of the Board:

  • Judge M Behrens QC – Panel Convenor
  • Ms L Nathan
  • Mr L Comer


1. Adam Wallace is 24.  He has just reached his parole eligibility date of 23 September 2016 and his sentence end date is 9 April 2018.

2. He is serving two years 10 months for two representative charges and 26 other charges of offering to supply methamphetamine.

3. Mr Wallace was in effect a street dealer.  These are his first drug dealing offences but he has had one short prison sentence in 2011 for property offending.

4. Today the Board has a partial report.

5. Mr Wallace’s RoC*RoI is 0.69522 and his classification is low.  It is for review in March of 2017.

6. Mr Wallace spent 469 days on remand in which time he had two proven misconducts, one of which involved breaking into the wing office.

7. He is waitlisted for the Dependency Treatment Unit three month programme [Withheld]  and tells us that he is keen to do it despite what is contained in the parole assessment report about that.  He is also waitlisted for the Medium Intensity Rehabilitation Programme [Withheld] and confirms his keenness to do that.

8. Mr Wallace was working in the prison kitchen but unfortunately lost his job for taking a day off.

9. Mr Wallace has work to do obviously.  Parole today is declined and we will see him again by 31 December 2017 and we specify under section 21A of the Parole Act 2002 that we expect him to have completed the DTU and MIRP programmes by that date.

10. We also specify that the next parole hearing may be brought forward at the discretion of the prison manager if it is considered that the relevant activities have been completed earlier than 31 December 2017.

Judge M Behrens QC
Panel Convenor