Paul Joseph DALLY - 06/11/2017

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002;


Hearing for Postponement Order

27(4)(b) of the Parole Act 2002

Paul Joseph DALLY

Hearing: 6 November 2017

At [withheld] via AVL from [withheld]

Members of the Board:

  • Mr N Trendle (Panel Convenor)
  • Ms S Pakura
  • Dr J Skipworth

In Attendance:

  • [withheld] – Principal Psychologist
  • [withheld] – Senior Psychologist


  1. Paul Joseph Dally is making a further appearance before the Board on a life sentence for murder, imposed on 8 March 1990.
  2. When Mr Dally last appeared before the Board in December 2015 he was given notice that on this occasion the Board would be considering whether a postponement order should be made.
  3. [withheld] appeared as counsel and initially made submissions opposing the making of a postponement order. She submitted that Mr Dally had completed treatment so far as the psychological recommendations were concerned; his conduct was exemplary; and he was the lead gardener for the unit. He had support and more recently a plan that was being developed for him through [withheld]. He also had a safety plan and a relapse prevention plan.
  4. The psychological report prepared for today’s hearing outlined the progress made by Mr Dally since he was last seen by the Board. The report concluded with the observation that he is beginning to prepare himself for a reintegration pathway which was supported by the psychologist.
  5. Mr Dally accepted there were steps to be taken before he commenced that pathway. He is completing work in the [withheld] unit and completing a qualification in horticulture. He acknowledged there was significant work ahead of him so far as reintegration was concerned. He was motivated to progress along a reintegration pathway.
  6. Whilst we acknowledge his recent progress, the Board is of the view that it is highly unlikely he will be suitable for release within a two-year period. Nevertheless, we note that it has been assessed that Mr Dally has reached the point where it is appropriate for him to prepare for some reintegration activities. For that reason the Board will not, on this occasion, make a postponement order.
  7. Mr Dally told us he is committed to the proposed pathway. So far as parole is concerned, [withheld] emphasised that it was not sought and, in the Board’s view, that was an appropriate submission to make.  Mr Dally will be scheduled to be seen by the Board in the two-year statutory timeframe, by the week of 4 November 2019.  For that hearing the Board requests an updating psychological addendum.

Mr N Trendle
Panel Convenor