Cameron HAKEKE - 04/12/2017

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Cameron Te Hau Kareti Tautau HAKEKE

Hearing: 4 December 2017

at [withheld]

Members of the Board:

  • Ms T Williams Blyth
  • Mr L Tawera
  • Mr D Hauraki

Support Persons:



  1. Cameron Hakeke (Cinnamon) appears for the first for consideration of parole.  Ms Hakeke is serving a sentence of two years five months for assaulting a person with an instrument and kidnapping.
  2. Ms Hakeke has a RoC*RoI of 0.1287, a prison security classification of low and statutory release date of 13 July 2019.
  3. The offending for Ms Hakeke involved a kidnapping in April 2016.  Ms Hakeke is said to have lured the victim to her home under the guise of wanting to buy methamphetamine.  As planned Ms Hakeke was not home when the victim arrived, her co-offenders were.  They attacked the victim, tasered her and cut her hair.  Ms Hakeke returned home around this time and was involved in cutting the victim’s hair.
  4. The victim was then forced to sign over her car and she was taken to the Bombay hills, left there and told not to return to Auckland.  Personal items were stolen.
  5. The PAC report states that Ms Hakeke showed little remorse towards the victim and minimised her role in the offences.
  6. There have been two misconducts, in July and October 2017, since being imprisoned.  In October 2017 Ms Hakeke became abusive and her behaviour erratic when talking to another prisoner.  In July she was found to have medication in her cell which belonged to another prisoner.
  7. Ms Hakeke received some hormone treatment in October 2017.  This was seen as a contributing factor to her behaviour.
  8. The sentence plan is for completion of the short motivational programme (SMP), AoD Brief, AoD Intermediate and the family violence programme.  She does not meet the new criteria for attendance at the dependency treatment programme (DTP).
  9. Since being in prison Ms Hakeke has taken advantage of various educational and creative programmes.  Applying her weaving skills, Ms Hakeke has made kiekie (Maori raincoats) for a children’s kapa haka roopu and raupaki for the Maori Focus Unit.  Her time in prison has opened up her interest in Maoritanga.
  10. Ms Hakeke seeks release to her whanau in [withheld].  In contrast to the PAC report, she says that she is hugely remorseful and has been every day since it happened.  She explained that when she left whanau in [withheld], she got involved in drugs.  Within four months of leaving she was in custody.  She now wants to go home and reconnect with her previous employer.
  11. The PCO advised that Ms Hakeke is engaged with the [withheld] regarding her transgender issues.  It is acknowledged that her hormone medication can affect her mood.  [withheld].
  12. Ms Hakeke was involved in serious offending and she has yet to complete offence focused treatment.  In the circumstances her risk remains undue and parole is declined. Ms Hakeke will be seen in June 2018 and by no later than 30 June 2018 for further consideration of parole.
  13. In the meantime the Board support Ms Hakeke completing the rehabilitation planned and any reintegration that may be made available to her.

Ms T Williams Blyth
Panel Convenor