Sam Joseph MARTIN - 29/06/2016

Progress hearing

Under section 29B(2)(b) of the Parole Act 2002

Sam Joseph MARTIN

Hearing: 29 June 2017
Papers Only Hearing held at New Zealand Parole Board, Head Office

Members of the Board:

  • Alan Ritchie (Panel Convenor)
  • Mr G Crowley
  • Mr P Elenio


1. The Board has considered a report on compliance with conditions attaching to the release on parole of Sam Joseph Martin, 29.

2. Mr Martin is serving a sentence of two years, 10 months for possession of methamphetamine for supply and other offending.

3. He was released on 4 July 2016 but faced a recall application following association with the [Withheld] gang in breach of a special condition.

4. The grounds were made out but on 10 February 2017 the Board decided not to make a final recall order.  Mr Martin was returned to parole with conditions reset to continue until the statutory release date of 2 November 2017.

5. We have a report dated 16 June 2017. It does not disclose any problems with Mr Martin although it does express some concern over his motivation to obtain employment.  It says that is his biggest challenge to date.  We are told that referrals have been completed to the [Withheld] and that Mr Martin is awaiting an appointment.  He is said to spend most of his time with [withheld].

6. We hope that the appointment with the [Withheld] might assist him to obtain employment which ought to be important to him.  However, there is no basis on which the Board should be continuing its oversight of compliance.

7. Mr Martin will remain subject to the standard conditions set out in section 14 of the Parole Act and the following special conditions with all conditions continuing until the statutory release date.
(1) To attend, participate in and adhere to the rules of a maintenance group having completed the MIRP Programme.
(2) To undertake and complete appropriate alcohol and drug treatment/counselling to the satisfaction of the Probation Officer and treatment provider.
(3) To undertake and complete appropriate treatment/counselling to the satisfaction of the Probation Officer and treatment provider.
(4) Not to possess or consume alcohol or non-prescription drugs, including synthetic cannabis.
(5) Not to communicate or associate with members of the [Withheld] unless you have the prior written permission of a probation officer.
(6) Not to travel to the Hamilton Region as defined in writing by your Probation Officer unless you have the prior written approval of a Probation Office.
(7) To reside at an address approved by your Probation Officer or any other subsequently approved address and not to move from any approved address without the prior written approval of a Probation Officer.

Alan Ritchie
Panel Convenor