Raymond Owen MEYNELL - 21/02/2017

Parole hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Raymond Owen MEYNELL

Hearing: 21 February 2017 at [Withheld]

Members of the Board:

  • Hon. JW Gendall QC (Panel Convenor)
  • Judge L Bidois
  • Mr B McMurray
  • Dr J Skipworth


  • [Withheld]

Support Persons:

  • [Withheld]
  • [Withheld]
  • [Withheld]


1. Raymond Meynell is serving a life sentence imposed on 18 March 1999 for the crime of murder.  His conviction was upheld by the Court of Appeal.  His victim was his partner’s 16 months old child.  His parole eligibility date was 11 February 2008.  He has other offending around the time of the murder comprising four assaults on a female (the child’s mother), one of assault on the child, and one of assault with intent to injure that victim.

2. Mr Meynell has a comprehensive criminal history involving 95 convictions including 38 for fraud, four for escaping, 14 for theft.  He says his criminal history is down to chronic alcohol and drug use.  He has completed the six months Drug Treatment Unit programme in 2014 and the STURP programme in 2011.  He incurred misconducts for cannabis use in prison in 2013 and again on 21 January and 13 March 2016.

3. The Parole Board last noted that he had been approved for release to work. But because of the misconduct of 21 January 2016 this was not implemented.  It was considered that one-to-one [Withheld] counselling was necessary in order for him to make up the lost ground.

4. Mr Meynell has a RoC*RoI of .68967. He remains on the waiting list for entry into self care and possible release to work if he becomes eligible for those interventions.  He is motivated to do so.  He is having weekly one-to-one [Withheld]  counselling and has approved [Withheld] accommodation as from June this year.

5. However, it is premature for him to be released, as he needs considerable work on reintegration activities. He also needs to formulate of a sound and comprehensive release plan.  He has the support of [Withheld] and [Withheld]  and [Withheld]  who were present today.

6. Mr Meynell has, he says, anxiety issues. There is much he needs to do to engage in a structured and gradual reintegration process.  If it could be on a pathway of self-care or release to work then we would endorse that.  For the moment, however, parole is out of the question and it is declined.  He will be seen again in one year’s time, that is, in the month of February 2018, before 28 February.

Hon. JW Gendall QC
Panel Convenor