Rangi Rick BROWN - 14/09/2018

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Rangi Rick BROWN

Hearing: 14 September 2018

at Auckland Prison

Members of the Board:

  • Judge E Paul – Panel Convenor
  • Mr G Crowley
  • Mr A Hackney

Support Persons:

  • [withheld]


  1. Rangi Rick Brown again appears for parole consideration on an 11 year jail sentence for a gang attack which resulted in manslaughter.  He has a moderate RoC*Rol of 0.51779 and he is currently high security.  He is 48 years old and his sentence end date is 19 November 2019.
  2. Mr Brown has previously been granted parole on this sentence, but was recalled in April of this year as a result of his consumption of methamphetamine and cannabis which he confirmed to the Board today.
  3. Since he has been in prison, he has had one incident of being in an inmate’s cell without approval but, other than that, he is described as compliant and easy to deal with.
  4. Mr Brown now has a release proposal to [withheld].  [withheld] is present supporting him today.  He seeks release and is eager to secure employment once he is back in the community.
  5. Mr Brown has previously completed all the necessary rehabilitation programmes.  He has now had an opportunity to reflect on the incidents earlier this year which resulted in his recall.  He acknowledges his failings but wishes a further opportunity in the community.
  6. This Board is satisfied that, subject to conditions, any risk Mr Brown presents can be mitigated by such conditions.  Accordingly, he will be granted parole today.  He will be released on [withheld] October 2018.  He will be subject to general conditions and he will be subject to the special conditions through to six months past his sentence end date.  Those special conditions are to follow.
  7. We note in particular that one of the special conditions is an unattended monitoring hearing three months after his release.  Obviously if there are any concerns by Corrections, he can be called in to attend that hearing.

    (1) Undertake and complete the Alcohol and Drug programme administered and abide by the rules of the programme to the satisfaction of your Probation Officer and Programme Provider.

    (2) Undertake and complete appropriate treatment/counselling to the satisfaction of the Probation Officer and treatment provider. The details of the counselling or treatment to be determined by your Probation Officer.

    (3) Not to enter the Taranaki area as defined on a map issued to you by a Probation Officer.

    (4) Not to stay away overnight from your residence without prior written approval of a Probation Officer. The definition of this is to reside at the address and be at the address from 10:00pm to 6:00am for the first 3 months from release.

    (5) Attend a whanau hui as directed by a Probation Officer.

    (6) You are not to have contact or otherwise associate with the victim(s) of your offending, directly or indirectly, unless you have the prior written consent of your Probation Officer.

    (7) Not to communicate or associate with gang affiliates, unless you have the prior written consent of your Probation Officer.

    (8) Not to communicate or associate with co-offenders of your offending, unless you have the prior written consent of your Probation Officer.

    (9) To comply with any direction made under section 29B(2)(b) of the Parole Act 2002 to attend a hearing at a time and place to be notified to you.

    (10) To reside at [withheld] or any other address approved in writing by a probation officer, and not move from that address unless you have the prior written approval of a probation officer.

Judge E Paul
Panel Convenor