Joshua Sinclair HAIR - 11/07/2018

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Joshua Sinclair HAIR

Hearing: 11 July 2018

at Otago Corrections Facility

Members of the Board:

  • B McMurray (Acting Panel Convenor)
  • Mr C King
  • Mr G Crowley


  1. Joshua Sinclair Hair aged 28 is serving a sentence of two years one month’s imprisonment for non-aggravated robbery, driving a motor vehicle in a dangerous manner, refusing an officer’s request for a blood specimen, possessing an offensive weapon, procuring possessing cannabis plant, unlawfully carrying/possessing a firearm/ammunition/in a public place and two charges of breaching his Court release conditions.
  2. He went to the victim’s house and demanded credit cards and PIN numbers, and he issued threats to the victim. He was also involved in two very dangerous car chases with police, driving up to 170kph on one occasion.
  3. Mr Hair has been offending over an 11 year period. He has committed about 32 offences and is in prison for the fourth time.
  4. There are nine breaches of community sanctions or release conditions on file, he offends at a rapid rate and is a versatile criminal.
  5. Mr Hair has a RoC*Rol of 0.581 and a current prison security classification of low.
  6. He commenced his sentenced on 23 May 2018 and became eligible for consideration of parole on 13 July 2018 because he had been remanded in custody for about six months.  His sentence expires on 2 December 2019.
  7. Although there is only a partial report prepared for this hearing, he does have a well developed sentence plan which includes him doing the Drug Treatment Programme (DTP) and Medium Intensity Rehabilitation Programme (MIRP) He has a tentative start date of 6 August 2018 for DTP and then is waitlisted for the MIRP and a parenting course.
  8. Mr Hair agrees that he needs to undertake treatment and is looking forward to doing the DTP. He wants to follow that up on release with a community-based reintegration programme such as [withheld].  It may be that Mr Hair is able to complete some treatment in prison and then provide the next Board with a plan to complete treatment in the community on parole.
  9. That is a matter for the next Board and we are not making any promises to Mr Hair about that.
  10. Without any treatment having been completed in prison to lower his risk of reoffending Mr Hair is not suitable for release on parole.  We believe he would be an undue risk to the safety of the community given the type of offending he has been conducting in the past if he was released without treatment.
  11. Parole is declined.
  12. Mr Hair will be seen again in April 2019 for further consideration of parole.
  13. The Board advised him that he needs to develop a more robust release proposal, particularly if he wants to be released into a residential rehabilitation centre on parole.

B McMurray
Acting Panel Convenor