Jordan ISLE - 11/12/2018

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Jordan ISLE

Hearing: 11 December 2018

at Rolleston Prison

Members of the Board:

  • Mr N Trendle – Panel Convenor
  • Ms F Pimm
  • Mr J Thomson


  • Ms T Aickin

Support Persons:

  • [withheld]
  • [withheld]


  1. Jordan Isle is serving a sentence of eight years’ imprisonment for wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and injuring with intent to injure.  His statutory release date is 8 April 2022.
  2. When Mr Isle last appeared before the Board in December 2017, he had started phase II of the Special Treatment Unit Rehabilitation Programme (STURP).  He graduated from that programme in June of this year and transferred to Rolleston Prison soon after.  The Drug Treatment Programme (DTP) which was formerly on his sentence plan is no longer required.
  3. The parole assessment report reports that Mr Isle did well on the STURP and he now feels he has the skills to manage conflict.  An Alcohol and other Drug Assessment Service assessment refers to Mr Isle possibly completing the Drug Arm programme while he is in prison.
  4. Mr Isle was represented by his counsel, Ms Aickin, who referred to the psychological report on the progress he has been making and to a recent example of his application of his conflict management skills concerning an incident in the Rolleston construction yard.  She noted that he had previously spent four of the six months on the Drug Treatment Programme before leaving it and he has retained those skills.  She emphasised that the psychologist did not see a need for him to complete that programme.
  5. Mr Isle seems to have developed a sound grasp of the principles emerging from the STURP.  He said that previously he was his own worst enemy when he used to turn minor problems into major ones.  He told us he has replaced his former negative self-talk with positive self-talk and he has set aside a time each day for "rumination".  He then that takes the time to identify those issues that have caused him the problem and work through the solutions.
  6. The parole assessment report refers to instances as recently as August of this year that do not cast Mr Isle in a good light.  His Principal Corrections Officer, however, who accompanied him to the Board, reported a fundamental change in his attitude since he attended the STURP.  That was also reflected in his handling of the conflict situation when others in the construction yard demolished some work he had been doing and he appropriately dealt with the situation.
  7. Mr Isle was supported at the hearing by [withheld] with whom he is proposing to live when he leaves the prison and by [withheld] who has organised employment for him.  Mr Isle works as a sub-contractor to a local firm.
  8. Ms Aickin referred to the motivating factors that would keep an Mr Isle on a positive track.  She noted his present security classification of low, which could not reduce further through Mr Isle's own efforts.
  9. The Board is satisfied that the change of attitude that was noted in its last decision has continued.  It is also apparent that Mr Isle has an understanding of the strategies available to him from the STURP to manage his risk.  As Ms Aickin noted, those have been incorporated into his safety plan.
  10. We are however of the firm view that the changes that Mr Isle has made are relatively recent, and have yet to be reflected on a consistent basis for us to be satisfied that his release would not pose an undue risk to the safety of the community.  In reaching this conclusion we do not underestimate the significance of those changes.  What is needed is a sustained demonstration of change over time and in different environments.  While we acknowledge the limitations on his present security classification, the Board supports Mr Isle being provided with whatever reintegration opportunities may be possible to allow him how to continue to utilise the skills that he appears to have acquired from his completion of the STURP.
  11. Parole today is declined.  Mr Isle will be scheduled to return to the Board in four months, by 30 April 2019.

Mr N Trendle
Panel Convenor