Raymond Jason MOSLEY - 09/05/2018

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Raymond Jason MOSLEY

Hearing: 9 May 2018

at Otago Corrections Facility

Members of the Board:

  • Ms K Snook – Panel Convenor
  • Ms S Pakura
  • Mr C King


  1. Raymond Jason Mosley, 40, appeared for the first consideration of parole in relation to a sentence of four years four months’ imprisonment for a burglary involving him, with a co‑offender, stealing weapons taken from a residential address in Dunedin occupied by the armourer of the Dunedin Pistol Club.  This included 25,000 rounds of ammunition which were also stolen.
  2. Subsequent transactions relating to the weapons involved the Hells Angels and Bandidos gangs.  The loss to the Gun Club was around $46,000 with Mr Mosley’s share said to be $14,220.90.
  3. Mr Mosley was also convicted of possession of a methamphetamine pipe and cannabis, as well as methamphetamine.
  4. Mr Mosley has an extensive history of offending including violence, drug offending, breach and dishonesty offending.  Despite this, it is only Mr Mosley’s second time in prison.
  5. Mr Mosley has a RoC*RoI of 0.67322.  His sentence commenced on 11 April 2017, he has a parole eligibility date of 7 May 2018, and a sentence expiry date of 26 March 2021.  He is on a low/medium prison security classification.  Early on in his sentence there were two misconducts.  This was in July 2017.  He was IDU on 11 July 2017.
  6. Since that time Mr Mosley has done well.  He is described as polite to staff and received a good report from the officer at the hearing today.
  7. Importantly Mr Mosley is on the Medium Intensity Rehabilitation Programme (MIRP).  He told the Board he is taking little steps but is learning a great deal.  He told the Board he has been using drugs since he was aged about 14 and accepts that he will also need to complete the Drug Treatment Programme (DTP).
  8. Mr Mosley told the Board that his two boys [withheld].
  9. When the time is right, Mr Mosley needs to develop a release proposal.  He had hoped to live with [withheld] but she is now in prison too.  He said that relationship remains intact as they have been together for 23 years.
  10. Mr Mosley has work to do to reduce his risk of re-offending however he is on the right track.  Risk remains undue at this time and parole is declined.
  11. Mr Mosley need to complete the programmes and develop a release proposal.  To do this he needs to engage with his whānau, including his parents.
  12. The Board will schedule Mr Mosley to be seen again by a Board in May 2019 and no later than the end of that month.  We ask for the relevant completion reports in relation to the MIRP and the DTP for the next Board.
  13. Reintegration may also be important for Mr Mosley given his history of offending.

Ms K Snook
Panel Convenor