Michael John CARROLL - 15/05/2019

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Michael John CARROLL

Hearing: 15 May 2019

at Hawkes Bay Prison via AVL to New Zealand Parole Board, Wellington

Members of the Board:

  • Judge E Paul – Panel Convenor
  • Mr B McMurray
  • Ms W Taumaunu
  • Assoc Prof. P Brinded


  • Mr M Bott

In Attendance:

  • [withheld]
  • [withheld]


  1. Michael John Carroll again appears for parole consideration.  He is subject to preventive detention as a result of a raft of serious sexual and violent offending.  He is represented at this hearing by his counsel, Mr Bott. Also present is [withheld].
  2. When last seen by the Board in May 2018 it was noted then from Psych Services there had been modest gains from treatment, that he was moving to Internal Self-Care, there was no release proposal, and any reintegration would require agreement between Corrections and Mr Carroll.
  3. There has now been a significant change in Mr Carroll’s presentation. He explains that as a result of graduating from the Te Hikoitanga programme at Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison and being presented with his taiaha and mere. As a result he accepts responsibility to conduct himself as a rangatira, in other words, to a high standard. It is very evident from his presentation to the Board today. He presents as a strikingly different man from the one that we last saw in May who was frustrated and angry with the position he found himself in. Mr Carroll confirmed to the Board today he is willing to undertake any opportunities offered to him, that he needed to get out there and undertake activities so he could progress from the prison. That is very much the theme we see in the submissions from his counsel but also in the most recent psychological report where there is recommendations at paragraph 27 in terms of Self Care where Mr Carroll has been residing for the last month, but also other reintegrative opportunities such as Release to Work, guided releases et cetera. The Board would support all of those activities.
  4. Mr Bott had requested a six-month stand‑down for that to occur. That seems a little aspirational from the Board’s point of view. Mr Carroll has undertaken a great deal of change in a short period of time, moving from internal to external Self Cares and then to the whare. He is yet to secure a Release to Work placement but the signs are encouraging. A great deal of work needs to be done. Mr Carroll needs the opportunity to be tested over time and circumstance in the ways already indicated so he can demonstrate his learnings, so he can deal with various situations in a responsible and sensible way. This Board is of the view it is unlikely that could be achieved within six months alone.
  5. Accordingly, we ask that Mr Carroll be seen in 12 months and not later than the end of May 2020.  He should also be working on a robust release proposal. It may be that all those activities will not have been completed by May 2020 but certainly that is the direction this Board sees Mr Carroll heading. He is in a good place now and his presentation and behaviour is encouraging.  He needs to maintain that.

Judge E Paul
Panel Convenor