Aleisha Cherie DAWSON 4/11/2020

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Aleisha Cherie DAWSON

Hearing: 4 November 2020

at Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility via AVL to Arohata Prison

Members of the Board: Ms M More (Panel Convenor), Ms M Dodd, Ms M Kleist

Counsel: Mr K Lamb

In attendance: (withheld) – Case Manager


  1. Aleisha Cherie Dawson is 32.  She makes her second appearance before the Parole Board on a sentence of two years, three months for being an accessory after the fact to murder, unlawfully taking a motor vehicle and document fraud.  Ms Dawson assisted (withheld) to hide the body of a man he had allegedly killed, she took the victim's car and used his Eftpos card.  She was not present at the murder.  The judge noted that she was in a destructive relationship with (withheld), the alleged perpetrator of the murder.
  2. Ms Dawson’s history includes non-compliance with driving, cannabis-related offending, non-compliance with community work and bail, and three convictions for document fraud.
  3. Ms Dawson has a RoC*RoI of 0.09045, her statutory release date is 27 August 2021, and she has nine months remaining on her sentence.
  4. Ms Dawson’s classification is minimum.  The PCO said she is good in the unit.
  5. Ms Dawson was represented by counsel, Mr Lamb, on instructions from Mr Chambers.  Mr Lamb said that Ms Dawson is not seeking release.  She is currently on the (withheld) Programme, which she wishes to complete.  Mr Lamb said that Ms Dawson is a success story.  She is minimum security, and he noted that that she was a victim of (withheld) at the time of the offending.
  6. The Board has received submissions from the victim's family, which indicates that they are very forgiving.  She also has letters of support from her family.
  7. Ms Dawson confirmed to the Board that she wishes to complete her rehabilitation.  She will complete (withheld) on 21 December 2020, and she is waitlisted to do the AOD intensive in February or March 2021.  The Case Manager at the Board said that her assessment will take place after (withheld).
  8. Mr Lamb submitted that Ms Dawson would be suitable for parole when she has finished her courses.  The Board sees merit in that proposal, and without predicting what a next Board may say, it is clear that until she has completed her rehabilitation Ms Dawson’s risk remains undue.  Parole is declined.
  9. The Board will see Ms Dawson again in April 2021.  Before that hearing we ask that a reintegration hui takes place with her support people and Probation.  We also note that Ms Dawson may not require the AOD Programme.  If she has completed her rehabilitation before April, we remind her that she has the ability to make an application under section 26 of the Parole Act to be seen earlier.

Ms M More

Panel Convenor