Andre William GODDARD 15/7/2020

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002

Andre William GODDARD

Hearing: 15 July 2020

at Otago Corrections Facility

Members of the Board: Judge D Mather (Panel Convenor), Mr P Elenio, Mr C King

Counsel:  Mr C Savage

In Attendance: Ms K Keyzer (Case Manager)


  1. Mr Goddard appears for the first time for consideration of parole, with his parole eligibility date being 20 July this year.  He is serving a sentence of six years.  He was convicted of two aggravated robberies and an aggravated burglary.  His co-offenders were two young women.  They robbed two dairies and a Food Mart.  On one of those occasions, Mr Goddard had a gun and on another it was a co-offender with a gun.  The sentencing Judge noted the high degree of planning.  Mr Goddard was on intensive supervision for previous offending at the time.
  2. He has a moderate RoC*RoI of .60331.  He is currently minimum security having gained that status in June this year.  We note his previous history goes back to the age of 17 and includes a number of convictions for violence, dishonesty and breaches.  He has served one short sentence previously for breaching a community-based sentence.
  3. He has made good progress on this sentence.  He completed the MIRP in February this year.  He is currently engaged in the DTP and will finish Phase 2 in August.  He is a mentor there which reflects the high regard he is held in by staff.
  4. Mr Goddard spoke quietly and carefully about the background and his plans.  He was deeply involved in illegal drug use at the time of his offending, something which he is clear he has put behind him.  He is re-establishing relationships with his family and we note his mother in (withheld) is supportive and also his grandfather.
  5. He and his counsel acknowledge that he has more work to do before he is ready for release.  He does not currently have an address.  The plan which the Principal Case Manager outlined is to transfer him to (withheld) so he can strengthen relationships with his family and where he will have more opportunities for work and other re-integrative steps.  We support that approach.
  6. This was serious offending and Mr Goddard needs to prepare a sound safety and relapse prevention plan.  We were told that these are currently being finalised.  He also needs to move into the reintegration phase of his sentence and look to firm up his release plan.
  7. Taking these matters into account we believe his next appearance before the Parole Board should be in 12 months’ time.  That will still leave some three years on his sentence.
  8. Accordingly, parole is declined and we schedule his next appearance before the Board in July 2021, no later than 31 July 2021.

Judge D Mather

Panel Convenor