Daniel Peter MOORE 19/10/2020

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Daniel Peter MOORE

Hearing: 19 October 2020

at Rolleston Prison

Members of the Board: Mr J Thomson (Panel Convenor), Ms F Pimm, Ms M Dodd

Support Persons: (withheld)


  1. Daniel Peter Moore is aged 35 and has made a second appearance before the Board for the consideration of release on parole.  Mr Moore is serving a sentence of six years six months’ imprisonment became eligible for parole on 23 June 2020.  The statutory release date is 21 October 2024.
  2. The sentence was imposed for the offence of rape.  Mr Moore pleaded guilty after a sentence indication had been provided by the Court.  The victim was (withheld).  She was driving from Queenstown to Dunedin and stopped to go to the toilet.  Mr Moore then overpowered her and committed the offence.  Initially he claimed that the intercourse was by consent.
  3. Mr Moore has a RoC*RoI score of 0.250.  There are no previous convictions.  He has a minimum security classification in prison.  He is described as respectful and compliant, and there have been no incidents or misconducts.
  4. On file there is a psychologist report dated 13 April 2020.  At times Mr Moore’s answers to the psychologist could be tangential.  It was apparent that he was engaged in ACC counselling.  At the age of (withheld) he attended a (withheld) assessment at (withheld).  When talking of the relationship with his (withheld) with whom he lived at the time of the offence he described her as controlling and manipulative.
  5. The psychologist goes onto describe that Mr Moore has completed the DTP during the sentence.  However, he has not completed any offence-focused treatment.  He is assessed by the psychologist as being at below-average risk of sexual offending and is not eligible for inclusion in any group-based treatment programme.  A referral for time-limited individual psychological treatment was recommended.
  6. Mr Moore last appeared before the Board on 23 June 2020.  The Board noted that Mr Moore had completed the DTP.  It also noted the recommendation of the psychologist.  Mr Moore’s preference was to complete the individual psychological treatment in the community.  However, the Board thought it more appropriate that this work should be completed while he was still in prison.
  7. At today's hearing we were told that the work with the psychologist has begun recently.  Mr Moore has now completed four treatment sessions and there may be four or five remaining.
  8. As Mr Moore has yet to complete offence-focused treatment in prison, the Board is not satisfied that he no longer poses an undue risk to the safety of the community.  For that reason, parole is declined.
  9. Mr Moore will be scheduled to be seen again by the Board in April next year and no later than 30 April 2021.  For that hearing a psychologist's assessment is requested.  The Board asks that this assessment look again at Mr Moore’s risk and also at what he has achieved in treatment and whether any further intervention is required.
  10. Mr Moore should not take his appearance in April as any guarantee that release will proceed automatically at that time.  The Board will assess his risk on the evidence before it at the time.

Mr J Thomson

Panel Convenor