Daniel Peter MOORE 23/6/2020

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002

Daniel Peter MOORE

Hearing: 23 June 2020

at Rolleston Prison via AVL to NZPB Offices, Wellington

Members of the Board: Ms M Coleman (Panel Convenor), Mr P Elenio, Ms K Coutts

In Attendance: Ms G Edmondson (Case Manager)

Support Persons: (withheld)


  1. Daniel Peter Moore, who is 35, he appeared before the Board today for the first consideration of parole on a six-year six-month sentence for the rape of women over the age of 16.  This is Mr Moore's sole conviction.
  2. Mr Moore was supported at today's hearing by (withheld). He has other (withheld) support available to him including from his (withheld).  It is to their home that he intends to be released.
  3. Mr Moore has completed the DTP.  He spoke to the Board today about what he has learnt on that programme.  He says he now understands why he used drugs and alcohol, which was to manage issues such as anxiety, low self-worth, low mood and other feelings and emotions, all of which he considers contributed to the background context in which this offending took place.
  4. Mr Moore has been assessed by the psychologist to ascertain the appropriate treatment pathway to address his sexual offending.  The psychologist assesses Mr Moore as posing a below average risk of sexual re-offending.  If he should re-offend in the future it would most likely occur in circumstances where he experiences sexual arousal towards his victim, chooses not to manage emotional distress, experiences hostile attitudes to women and is abusing substances.
  5. To address those offence related needs the psychologist is recommending time limited sessions of individual treatment.  The focus of this treatment is on developing his understanding of the internal processes related to his sexual offending and to increase his insight into the offence process.  Mr Moore will be assisted by the psychologist to develop a robust and comprehensive safety plan and his case manager will continue to work with him on his release planning.  Ongoing support for ACC counselling is also recommended.
  6. Mr Moore would have liked to have been released to complete that work in the community. In our view it should take place within the prison environment.  We were advised by Mr Moore’s case manager today that his priority for such individual treatment will be based on the outcome of the Board's decision today.
  7. We understand that what is suggested for Mr Moore a time limited intervention.  Therefore while we declined parole today, Mr Moore will be seen again in four months’ time, in October 2020 and by the end of October 2020 at the latest.  A whānau hui should be held before that hearing at which he can share his safety plan.
  8. Mr Moore has already started to develop a safety plan.  This will be revised during the treatment with a psychologist.  The Board requests a copy of the revised plan to be provided to it, along with a brief report about the treatment he has received and the minutes of the whānau hui.

Ms M Coleman

Panel Convenor