Gustav Otto SANFT 9/11/2020

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Gustav Otto SANFT

Hearing: 9 September 2020

at Auckland Prison by AVL from New Zealand Parole Board, Wellington

Members of the Board: Judge A N MacLean – Panel Convenor, Mr L Tawera, Mr SAM Perry

Counsel:                                           Mr P Osborne

In Attendance:                                  (withheld)

Support Persons: (withheld)


  1. Gustav Otto Sanft appears for the fourth time for consideration of parole on a sentence of four years, four months for manslaughter.  The victim was his daughter, when she was killed by a gun which he had pointed at her.
  2. The main problem at the last Board hearing was the issue of a suitable address.  There has been Oranga Tamariki involvement generally with the family, and the proposed release address of (withheld), while apparently considered suitable by Community Corrections, is the subject of an application by Oranga Tamariki to the Family Court with respect to a subsequent child.
  3. Mr Osborne appeared on behalf of Mr Hamlin today, seeking the matter be stood down for a month to explore another option, because while there is a possibility that the Family Court procedure will be clarified in reasonably short order, Mr Sanft realistically is putting up an alternative at (withheld).  (withheld), the Case Manager, was in attendance and she confirmed that that can be done in relatively short order.
  4. We acknowledge also the presence of Mr Sanft’s partner today.
  5. Unfortunately there is no time place available in the October Board hearings, but we discussed with Mr Sanft and his counsel the fact that a placement is available in the week commencing 9 November this year.
  6. In the circumstances, clearly, until there is suitable accommodation, we could not consider the risk would not be undue.
  7. Parole is declined today, and the Board will see him again in the week commencing 9 November 2020.

Judge A N MacLean

Panel Convenor