Jason Robert TREMBATH 2/12/2020

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Jason Robert TREMBATH

Hearing: 2 December 2020

at Hawke’s Bay Regional Prison

Members of the Board: Judge M Crosbie (Panel Convenor)

Mr A Hackney

Mr A Spierling

Counsel:                                           Ms N Graham

Support Persons: (withheld)


  1. Mr Trembath appears before the Board for consideration of early release on parole.  Mr Trembath is 32 years of age and serving a sentence of three years and nine months for multiple convictions for indecent acts and making intimate recordings.
  2. Mr Trembath’s sentence commenced on 21 June 2019 and his parole eligibility date was 11 June 2020.  His statutory release date is 31 December 2023.
  3. Mr Trembath was represented today by counsel, Ms Graham, who was also his counsel at sentencing.  The Board has taken into account Ms Graham’s written and oral submissions.  The Board also took the opportunity to have a discussion with (withheld) as it did his Principal Corrections Officer and case manager.
  4. Mr Trembath was last seen by the Board on 12 June 2020.  At that stage he did not expect to receive parole.  The Board directed a full psychological assessment. That psychological assessment is to hand.  The assessment notes many of the factors that were apparent at the time of Mr Trembath’s sentencing to the sentencing judge.  Those addictions include gambling, methamphetamine addiction and deviance.  It is to be noted that the sentencing Judge considered imposing a minimum non-parole period but stated that he was satisfied that Mr Trembath recognised the difficulties that he presented to other people and he had in fact started the process of redeeming himself (which the judge hoped he would continue to do).
  5. Mr Trembath is currently minimum security and residing in Self Care.  The PCO spoke positively about Mr Trembath’s position in Self Care.  He noted that Mr Trembath presents as a less stereotypical inmate insofar as background is concerned.  Notwithstanding that, Mr Trembath is apparently something of a role model to those around him.  That attitude seems to have followed through to completion of the DTP Programme and his subsequent role as a mentor.
  6. Mr Trembath is engaged in Release to Work which indicates a certain amount of trust as far as the Department of Corrections is concerned.
  7. Mr Trembath has commenced one-on-one psychological counselling.  He has participated in seven sessions and has some five to go.  He is yet to complete a safety plan.
  8. The Board had an extended conversation with Mr Trembath, and then (withheld), in order to discuss the lead-up to the offending and his risk factors for the future.  Mr Trembath was able to accurately identify those risk factors and has strong prosocial support.
  9. What remains, however, is for Mr Trembath to complete psychological counselling and to prepare a safety and relapse prevention plan.  A safety and relapse prevention plan given the significant number of victims and addictive aspects of Mr Trembath’s life, is essential to any consideration of release on parole by the Board.  The Board would also like to see the psychologist’s assessment of the safety plan.  If Mr Trembath is willing, the Board would be satisfied to see that in the context of the usual treatment report.  It will be highly relevant to see the clinician’s view of the safety plan with respect to those risk factors that the clinician has identified.
  10. It follows from the above that at this time the Board is not satisfied that Mr Trembath does not present as an undue risk to the safety of the community and declines his release on parole.  It will list Mr Trembath to be seen at the April 2021 meeting of the Board.  That is not an indication that parole would be granted.  While Mr Trembath is making positive progress, he still needs to complete treatment and complete an appropriate safety plan. Whether or not he is granted parole will be a matter for the Panel of the Board he sees in April 2021.

Judge M Crosbie

Panel Convenor