John Robert Alexander INNES 7/12/2020

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(1) of the Parole Act 2002

John Robert Alexander INNES

Hearing: 7 December 2020

at Tongariro Prison

via AVL to NZPB Offices, Wellington

Members of the Board: Ms T Williams Blyth (Panel Convenor)

Ms M Dodd

Ms W Taumaunu


  1. John Innes (44) appears for consideration of parole on a 12-year six-month sentence for serious sexual offending against (withheld).  Beginning when she was approximately five years old, the offending continued for approximately five years until she was 10.
  2. This is his third conviction for serious sexual offending.  In 2000 he was convicted of attempted rape and indecent assault.  The victim on that occasion was (withheld).  As part of his sentence for that offending, he completed a child sex offender programme.
  3. At the outset of the hearing, the Board advised Mr Innes that we had met with representatives of his victim.  Mr Innes was also given the opportunity to read letters submitted.  Mr Innes made no comment.  He understands that his offending has affected the family.  A release proposal will be developed that is not in the (withheld).
  4. The Board have received a psychological assessment dated 22 October 2020.  In summary, the report assesses Mr Innes as being at moderate to high risk of sexual re‑offending.  The psychologist recommends that Mr Innes complete the drug treatment programme (DTP) and then the te piriti child sex offender (TP-CSO) programme.  It is estimated that Mr Inness will be scheduled for TP-CSO sometime in 2022.
  5. While Mr Innes does not think that the DTP will be useful, he acknowledged that “he has certainly drunk a lot of alcohol in his time”.  He used alcohol through his teenage years, his 20s and at other times.
  6. Mr Innes has three children who are in Oranga Tamariki care.  The oldest of his children was also five at the time that he was sexually abusing the victim.  He says he chose  (withheld) because he was not sexually attracted to his own children.  He is aware that an extended supervision order is potentially on the cards.
  7. The case manager is trying to have Mr Innes scheduled for the DTP next year with a view to him moving straight on to TP-CSO in 2022.  She and Mr Innes have spoken about a release proposal that involves him going to (withheld), rather than (withheld).
  8. The PCO confirmed that there are no issues in the unit.  Mr Innes is working in the engineering shop and doing well.
  9. The Board have considered Mr Innes’ criminal history, current offending, which is again serious, the fact that he is untreated and does not have a release proposal.  In those circumstances he remains an undue risk and parole is declined.
  10. Mr Innes will be seen for further consideration of parole in October 2022 and no later than 30 October 2022.
  11. In the meantime, the Board encourages Mr Innes to complete the necessary treatment and then engage in any reintegration activities that may be made available to him.

Ms T Williams Blyth

Panel Convenor