Peter Wayne RYDER 3/9/2020

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Peter Wayne RYDER

Hearing: 3 September 2020

At Rolleston Prison

via AVL to New Zealand Parole Board Offices

Members of the Board: Sir Ron Young (Chairperson), Associate Professor P Brinded, Dr Greg Coyle, Mr B McMurray

Counsel:                                            Ms N Pointer

In Attendance:                                  (withheld) (Principal Case Manager)

(withheld) (Reintegration Coordinator)

Support Persons: (withheld)


  1. Mr Ryder was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 1994.  Subsequently he was released and then  recalled in 2013 when he was convicted of assault with intent to injure threatening to kill.  He is 61 years of age. He has previous convictions for drug offending, traffic offending, and disobedience of court orders.
  2. We saw him last in February 2020.  At that stage he had completed the MIRP, DTP and STURP.There was a possibility of work outside the wire.  He was hoping for (withheld)  to get on the (withheld) programme and ultimately to be released to the (withheld).
  3. Unfortunately, Mr Ryder was involved in a violent incident in July of this year when he assaulted another prisoner.   As a result of that he was referred to a psychologist for further
    one-on-one counselling. (withheld), who were considering offering him a place with their organisation have now declined the reference. They are prepared, however, to reconsider once they feel he has done adequate work relating to his rehabilitation.
  4. As to the position now as we have indicated Mr Ryder how needs to complete the one-on-one counselling. It is anticipated that that may take up to a further six months.  
    Mr Ryder is keen to then get on the release to work system.  That will involve an override of his current security classification to minimum.  It will then involve him in working outside the wire from period and satisfying in- prison committee that a release to work would be appropriate.
  5. The alternative way forward for Mr Ryder is through (withheld).  For understandable reasons (withheld) prefer prisoners to come direct from the prison and not via the release to work system. There are good sensible reasons for that.
  6. We think that given Mr Ryder’s background, the difficulty he had in 2013 with his release and the violence that ensued and the recent violence in prison, that he would be better supported in the community through (withheld).  However, we leave that matter for Mr Ryder and for Corrections.  We will see again by the end of August 2021.  In meantime he remains an undue risk.

Sir Ron Young