Tyrone Peter MADAMS 8/12/2020

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Tyrone Peter MADAMS

Hearing: 8 December 2020

at Tongariro Prison

via AVL to NZPB Offices, Wellington

Members of the Board: Ms T Williams Blyth (Panel Convenor)

Ms M Dodd

Ms W Taumaunu

In Attendance: (withheld) – Corrections


  1. Tyron Madams (62) appears for consideration of parole on a five-year 10-month sentence for manslaughter and participating in an organised group.
  2. Mr Madams has a history of offending dating back to 1973, however this offending is a serious escalation and occurred in the gang context.
  3. His sentence end date is 6 September 2021.  There is approximately eight months left on his sentence.
  4. Due to fears for his safety, Mr Madams has been in segregation.  This has contributed to his decision not to transfer for treatment.  He therefore remains untreated.
  5. The parole assessment report confirms that situation.  A psychological report dated 15 August 2018 recommended the drug treatment programme (DTP) and Mr Madams remains waitlisted.
  6. The Board have received confirmation that Mr Madams has an address available to him in (withheld).  The bed is available on 16 August 2021.
  7. Mr Madams was not particularly talkative today.  He is taking things as they happen.  He understands the situation, that is, unless he participates in treatment it is unlikely that parole will be an option.  Mr Madams appears content to remain in prison and await the time when he is released to go to Invercargill.
  8. Mr Madams advised us that he is no longer in the gang.
  9. The PCO described Mr Madams as a good person.
  10. The case manager confirmed that Mr Madams is motivated to do the DTP but only if it is available in Tongariro which it is not.
  11. Unfortunately, the situation is straightforward today.  Mr Madams is untreated and remains an undue risk.  In the circumstances, parole is declined.  He will be seen for further consideration of parole in June 2021 and no later than 30 June 2021.
  12. In the meantime, the Board encourages Mr Madams to engage in rehabilitation, strengthen his release proposal and develop a strong safety plan.

Ms T Williams Blyth

Panel Convenor