Alex Aleti SEU 15/10/2021

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Alex Aleti SEU

Hearing: 15 October 2021

at Auckland Prison via MS Teams

Members of the Board: Ms T Williams Blyth (Panel Convenor)

Ms M Dodd

Counsel:                                        Lila Tu’i

In Attendance:                               (withheld) (Case Manager)


  1. Alex Seu (35) appears for consideration of parole on a six-year nine-month sentence for serious sexual offending.
  2. Ms Seu has previous criminal convictions.  These are her first for sexual offending.  A four-year minimum period of imprisonment was set.  Her sentence end date is 19 July 2023.  There is about one-year eight-months left on her sentence.
  3. Counsel has provided written submissions and talked to us today.  Ms Seu is realistic.  She still needs to address her offending and develop a strong release plan.  The biggest issue they are facing is access to treatment.
  4. Support from the Board is sought for Ms Seu to be seen by Psychological Services sooner rather than later.  Ms Seu also needs to develop a release plan.  When released, she would like to live close to (withheld) who is in Christchurch.
  5. (withheld) (Case Manager) and the PCO’s confirmed the situation.  Both PCOs spoke very highly of Ms Seu and her focus on her studies.
  6. For her part, Ms Seu says that things have been going well.  She wasn't going to attend the hearing today because she wanted to be treated first.  Five years is an unacceptable length of time to be waiting for treatment and it is really daunting.
  7. Understandably Ms Seu wants to be treated and back out in the community.  She is looking forward to spending time with (withheld).  In the meantime, Ms Seu is focused on her studies.  She is completing level four studies in creative writing.
  8. We talked to Ms Seu about the possibility of transferring to a prison in Christchurch.  Psychological treatment may be more readily available, and she has a better chance of developing a strong release.  Ms Seu has discussed a possible transfer with the PCO.
  9. In any event, Ms Seu is untreated and does not have a release plan.  In the circumstances, she remains an undue risk and parole is declined.  Ms Seu will be seen for further consideration of parole in April 2022 and no later than 30 April 2022.

This decision has been issued following consideration of parole in accordance with the provisions of an epidemic management notice issued by the Government on 30 March 2020 and in accordance with section 13A of the Parole Act 2002.  There has been a hearing conducted by a Panel Convenor and Board member.  All of the usual material has been considered and there has been a MS Teams discussion involving the Board, the offender, counsel, the Case Manager and The Principal Corrections Officer.

Ms T Williams Blyth

Panel Convenor