Andre William GODDARD 15/7/2021

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Andre William GODDARD

Hearing: 15 July 2021

at Otago Corrections Facility

Members of the Board:

Ms K Snook (Panel Convenor)

Dr S Davis

Ms K Coutts

Counsel:              Ms M Scally


  1. Andre William Goddard, 30, appeared for the further consideration of parole in relation to a sentence of six years’ imprisonment for two aggravated robberies involving firearms, an aggravated burglary and other offending including breach of intensive supervision.
  2. Mr Goddard has a RoC*RoI of 0.55933, he is on a minimum prison security classification, and has a statutory release date of 19 July 2024.
  3. Mr Goddard saw the Board last on 15 July 2020.  That Board noted his completion of the MIRP.  He was on phase 2 of the DTP.  He has now completed the DTP.  He did well and was made a mentor.  He is well-behaved in the prison environment.
  4. The plan is that Mr Goddard will transfer to Christchurch.  This was mentioned by the last Board but it appears no steps have been taken yet to transfer him.  There is a request on file from (withheld), who is (withheld) in Christchurch.  It is her view that Mr Goddard transferring to a Christchurch prison will assist with his reintegration.
  5. Ms Scally appeared on instructions from Mr Dawson, who was not able to attend. Ms Scally’s submissions were realistic.  At the moment, Mr Goddard does not have an approved address.  It has not been feasible for there to be a whānau hui, which is intended to occur in person.  As Ms Scally understands it, the plan is that Mr Goddard will be transferred to Rolleston, where an appropriate address can be sought for him.  Although he is waitlisted for (withheld) bed, an alternative proposal is preferred for Mr Goddard.
  6. Ms Scally sought a three month stand down to enable an address to be canvassed and for Mr Goddard to be transferred and have the reintegration meeting.
  7. We talked to Mr Goddard briefly about his progress in prison.  We support him being transferred to Christchurch, which is the most appropriate place for his reintegration.  We asked him about the period of time that he spent in Australia, which he said was from 2011 to 2017.  He said he did not offend in Australia.  He said that was because he was working and he was supported by good people.
  8. While Mr Goddard was in Australia, he was attacked and (withheld).  He said that he was on the way home with others when he was drunk.  It occurred in 2016.  He said once he came into prison and was sober, he realised the impact the injury has had on him.
  9. For today, risk remains undue and parole is declined.  As noted, we support Mr Goddard’s transfer to Christchurch.  A strong release proposal needs to be developed for him.  However, we also think reintegration activities are important for Mr Goddard and support those being provided to him as well.  In addition, we ask for a check of Mr Goddard’s criminal conviction history in Australia (Western Australia) to ensure that what he has said to us is correct about his offending over there.  It seems unusual to us that Mr Goddard has pretty much an unbroken history of offending in New Zealand but did not offend in Australia.
  10. In addition, given Mr Goddard’s offending history, and the (withheld) that he has suffered, we consider that we require expert assistance in determining risk in relation to Mr Goddard and whether treatment of appropriate intensity has been provided to him.  We ask for a psychological risk assessment for the next Board.
  11. To allow time for all of those matters to be completed, and for Mr Goddard to be successfully transferred to Christchurch Prison, we think that an appropriate period of time in which to see Mr Goddard again will be six months.  We will schedule him to be seen again by a Board in January 2022 and no later than the end of that month.

Ms K Snook

Panel Convenor