Anthony Simon HIRAWANI 14/12/2021

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Anthony Simon HIRAWANI

Hearing: 14 December 2021

at Spring Hill Corrections Facility

Members of the Board: Mr N Trendle (Convenor)

Ms F Pimm

Ms K Coutts

In Attendance:                                  [withheld] - Case Manager


  1. Anthony Simon Hirawani is making further appearance before the Board on a sentence of seven years two months’ imprisonment for serious sexual offending that arose from his participation in the context of a gang rape.  His statutory release date is 4 August 2024.
  2. Initially, Mr Hirawani did not accept responsibility for his offending.  He was exited from the Adult Sex Offender Treatment Programme at the first attempt largely for that reason.  Since then mainly because of the impact his imprisonment was having on his family, and in particular, [withheld], he took full responsibility for what he had done to his victim.
  3. He is currently on the Adult Sex Offender Treatment Programme having begun it four months ago.  He told us that he accepts there is still work for him to do.  He is enjoying the programme and engaging well.  He told us that when he has built himself a solid safety plan, he will feel ready to return to the Board.
  4. Mr Hirawani’s response to questions from panel members left us with a firm impression that there was a genuine change in his own assessment of his offending.  He appears to be reflecting that on his participation in the programme.  He received particularly positive reports from his Case Manager and from his PCO.
  5. Initially Mr Hirawani proposed attending the [withheld] when he left prison.  That was no doubt as a result of a need for further work on substance abuse.  He is now working with his Case Manager on a slightly different plan.  [withheld] told us that on completion of the programme he is exploring the possibility of Mr Hirawani progressing to Whare Oranga Ake.  That would require three months of work inside the wire and of course graduation from his present programme.
  6. Mr Hirawani appears to be making solid progress and we anticipate he will graduate from the Adult Sex Offender Treatment Programme in around May of next year.  There follows a brief period of assessment.  Having regard to his moderate to high assessed risk of re‑offending, the Board requests a psychological addendum with an assessment of his progress in reducing his risk and with recommendations as to any further rehabilitation or reintegration activities.
  7. Parole is declined.  Mr Hirawani will be seen in nine months, by 30 September 2022, along with the requested psychological addendum.

N Trendle

Panel Convenor