Connor Michael CLAUSEN 9/6/2021

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Connor Michael CLAUSEN

Hearing: 9 June 2021

at Mt Eden Corrections Facility by AVL from Waikeria Prison

Members of the Board:

Judge L Bidois (Panel Convenor)

Ms P Rose

Major C Roberts


  1. Connor Clausen is here for reconsideration of parole.  He is serving three years eight months on a composite sentence for conspiring to supply drugs and firearm offences.
  2. His SED was 9/12/20, his PED was 11/1/21, his SRD is 21/6/23.
  3. Mr Clausen came before the Board in February of this year.  At that time there was an override for the Te Tirohanga and Mauri Tu Pae programmes.
  4. He indicated that he would be appealing his convictions.  The Board requested a psychological assessment report to identify actual risk given his Australian offending and guidance on the pathway forward for treatment.
  5. Parole was declined and he was rescheduled for this sitting of the Board.
  6. Mr Clausen does not realistically seek a grant of parole even though he has approved accommodation with (withheld).  An (withheld) had also indicated that he is prepared to offer accommodation.
  7. Mr Clausen was deported from Australia.  He advises that he spent 10 out of 13 years in prison.  He was obviously entrenched in the gang life which has continued upon his return to New Zealand.
  8. Mr Clausen was not back in New Zealand for very long when he got involved in the index offending which has led to this sentence of imprisonment.
  9. He is assessed as a high risk of reoffending.  A decision on whether he would be considered for the DTP and Mauri Tu Pae depended on a treatment pathway to be identified by the psychologist and the outcome of his appeal.
  10. A psychological report dated 21 May detailed his history and previous convictions.  The overall risk/needs profile was described as high.  He was considered a high risk of general offending and the treatment pathway was MIRP or the DTP.
  11. His Case Manager says that interaction has been good.  He is now willing to do any programme that is identified for him.  At the present time he is waitlisted for MIRP or the DTP.
  12. His PCO says he is working and leads by example in the unit.  There was one prior misconduct for which he spent two weeks in isolation.
  13. Mr Clausen tells us that his appeal is to be heard on 15 June.  If he is successful then obviously that will be in his favour if unsuccessful Mr Clausen will remain in prison as an untreated prisoner.
  14. At the present time as an untreated prisoner, Mr Clausen poses an undue risk to the community and parole will be declined.
  15. It was established by the Board that Mr Clausen upon being deported back to New Zealand had no support network or community connection.  He spent some time at (withheld) on EM bail.  Mr Clausen said that opened the door for him to establish some community network but that was truncated by his conviction and sentence to imprisonment.
  16. Mr Clausen is motivated to try and establish a support network in the community.  Hence the Board considers the DTP is a better treatment pathway for Mr Clausen than MIRP but recognises that is for the prison to determine.
  17. Mr Clausen will also need supported accommodation in the future.
  18. Mr Clausen is making good progress; he is realistic and is motivated to do the DTP.  Accordingly, we will reschedule Mr Clausen to be seen no later than 30 June 2022.

Judge L Bidois

Panel Convenor