Dillan WILSON 3/8/2021

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002


Hearing: 3 August 2021

at Manawatu Prison by AVL

Members of the Board: Ms A Markham – Panel Convenor

Mr G Coyle

Ms W Taumaunu

Counsel:                                            Mr P Drummond

In Attendance:                                  [withheld] – Principal Corrections Officer

[withheld] – Case Manager

Support Persons: [withheld]


  1. Dillan Wilson, 24, is serving a sentence of three years 11 months for burglary, unlawful access of a computer, taking a motor vehicle and arson.  The victim is his former short‑term partner who ended the relationship because of concerns about Mr Wilson's controlling behaviour.  He harassed her via text and broke and entered her home on two occasions and sent threatening messages, he then set fire to her home while she, her two young children and a nephew were asleep.  While on EM bail he attempted to hack her email accounts and set up a Facebook page pretending to be one of the victim’s friends.
  2. Mr Wilson has one minor previous conviction.  He was released on parole on 18 December 2019, but things did not go well.  Within 12 hours of his release, he contacted a friend of the victim via Facebook, prompting a recall application which did not result in a final order.  Although a progress hearing on 8 June 2020 noted excellent compliance, a second recall application was lodged in April 2021 and on this occasion a final recall order was made.
  3. The circumstances are that Mr Wilson broke up with a more recent partner whom he met on Tinder and, despite assuring the Probation Officer that he was handling the breakup well, he appeared outside her window at 3 o'clock in the morning.  He also bombarded her with numerous manipulative messages, and the victim has concerns that he was responsible for keying her car and trying to fake a Snapchat profile.  He was also allegedly seen by a neighbour looking over the fence towards her house.  Mr Wilson admitted using meth and was found in possession of a meth pipe.
  4. Mr Wilson accepted today that he does not 100 per cent understand why he offended and that unless and until he has some understanding of this, he will be unable to stop.
  5. We were assisted by realistic submissions from Mr Drummond.  He noted Mr Wilson has pleaded guilty to two charges of breach of a protection order and to a third charge of breach of release conditions.  There is a new sentencing date of 16 September for which the Court has ordered a health assessor's report under [withheld].  Mr Drummond said the Court is likely to impose a term of imprisonment.
  6. In these circumstances Mr Drummond asked the Board to see Mr Wilson again in a few months, with the benefit of the sentencing notes and [withheld] which he said Mr Wilson will consent to be made available to the Board.  While we thank Mr Wilson for this, we think we should also request our own report, not least in case the consent does not eventuate for whatever reason.  The [withheld] may also have a different focus.
  7. Parole is declined as risk is undue.  We will see Mr Wilson again in December 2021 and before the end of that month.  We request a psychological report assessing his risk and any further treatment indicated.

A Markham

Panel Convenor