Geordy Peter Brian JOHNSTONE 9/11/21

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Geordy Peter Brian JOHNSTONE

Hearing: 9 November 2021

at Rolleston Prison via MS Teams

Members of the Board: Ms A Markham – Panel Convenor

Mr C King

M K Coutts

In Attendance:                                  (withheld) - Case Manager

(withheld) – Reintergration Coordinator


  1. Geordy Peter Brian Johnstone, 26, is serving a sentence of three years, three months for a host of child sexual exploitation offences.  He was found in possession of over 5,000 images, most of which were Category A.
  2. He was last seen on 10 September 2020 where it was noted he was motivated to undertake the Child Sex Offender Treatment Programme, due to commence in early 2021.  Due to COVID-19‑related delays the progress in treatment has been slower than anticipated and he is now on track to complete the post‑treatment phase shortly, whereupon he will transition to the graduates’ maintenance group.
  3. As Mr Johnstone is essentially in the middle of his treatment, we did not ask him many questions today.  It is clear treatment needs to be completed, and it is encouraging that Mr Johnstone is engaging well.   He is minimum security with no issues about his conduct.  He has been accepted with (withheld) in Otago, although a bed date is not yet available.
  4. For today risk is undue and parole is declined.  We will see Mr Johnstone again in May of 2022 and before the end of that month.

Ms A Markham

Panel Convenor