Kelvin Bruce WISELY 13/1/2021

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Kelvin Bruce WISELY

Hearing: 13 January 2021

at Invercargill Prison

by AVL from Otago Corrections Facility

Members of the Board: Mr J Thomson (Panel Convenor)

Mr C King

Ms T Sharkey

In Attendance: (withheld) Case Manager


  1. Kelvin Wisely is aged 51 and has made another appearance before the Board for the consideration of release on parole.  Mr Wisely serving a sentence of seven years 10 months’ imprisonment and became eligible for parole on 1 March 2020.  The sentence ends on 21 May 2025.
  2. The sentence was imposed for the possession of methamphetamine for supply, three counts of supplying methamphetamine, conspiring to deal in methamphetamine and other drug related matters.  An appeal against sentence was dismissed.  At sentencing Mr Wisely was described as: "supplying methamphetamine on a commercial scale”.
  3. Mr Wisely has a RoC*RoI score of 0.395.  There was one previous term of imprisonment imposed in 2000 for a violent offence.  There are three previous convictions for drug related matters, the most recent of these being over 14 years ago.  There are a number of convictions for drink-driving.
  4. The last appearance before the Board was on 16 June 2020.  The board noted that Mr Wisely had completed the Medium Intensity Rehabilitation Programme in 2019.  The Board described his background as a long-haul truck driver and that he was working to regain his licence which he had lost as a consequence of the drink-driving convictions.
  5. Since the last appearance, Mr Wisely has been transferred to Invercargill prison for him to pursue offender employment.  On transfer, he was placed in the grounds’ working party and described as a steady worker.
  6. When sentenced on these matters, there was also forfeiture of his property.  This was also something which Mr Wisely challenged unsuccessfully at an appeal hearing.  It seems that this has led to some interest from the news media and it is of concern to Mr Wisely.  He has indicated to us today that is does not seek to be released at this time and has not proposed an address for release.
  7. Ultimately, Mr Wisely intends to live in (withheld) on release but has not proposed a specific address.  It appears that he may have lost contact with his support people in (withheld) through feelings that he has let them down.
  8. Mr Wisely’s security classification is to be reviewed at the end of this month and this may allow him to become engaged in Release to Work.
  9. Mr Wisely has not proposed an address to go to on release.  In view of that we cannot be satisfied that he no longer poses an undue risk for the remaining four years four months of his sentence.  As a consequence, parole is declined.  Mr Wisely will be scheduled to be seen again by the Board in one year's time and no later than 31 January 2022.
  10. Should Mr Wisely feel that he is able to put forward a strong proposal for release before then, he is of course at liberty to make an application for an earlier hearing under s 26 of the Parole Act 2002.

Mr J Thomson

Panel Convenor