Lisa McCORMACK 8/1/2021

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002


Hearing: 8 January 2021

at Christchurch Women’s Prison via AVL to Arohata Prison

Members of the Board: Ms M More (Panel Convenor)

Ms W Taumanunu

Mr S Perry

In attendance: (withheld) - Case Manager


  1. Lisa McCormack is 24, she makes her second appearance before the Board on a sentence of two years and four months for injures with intent to injure, reckless disregard (two charges).  We do not have the judge’s sentencing indication, but the summary of facts says there were elderly people in a car, they were stopped for a red light when Ms McCormack assaulted the elderly man driving and kicked him out of the car.  A passenger was injured.
  2. Ms McCormack’s offending history commenced when she was 16, it includes but is not limited to; violence, theft, non-compliance with community-based sentences, burglaries and fraud.
  3. Ms McCormack has a RoC*RoI of .43107, her statutory release date is 23 December 2021, she has 11 months remaining on her sentence.
  4. Ms McCormack’s classification is minimum, the reports are generally positive about her behaviour, although she has spent some time in the intervention and support unit due to her (withheld) issues.  Ms McCormack went to Self Care in October 2020 but got a new tattoo and became aggressive so was returned to the unit.
  5. The PCO said she is doing well in the unit, she has a job, and she has found her niche with hairdressing.
  6. Ms McCormack was last before the Board in June 2020, she told them that she had consumed LSD and alcohol at the time of offending.  She was then waitlisted for Kowhiritanga and had been seen by Forensics.  Ms McCormack is on (withheld).  At the time of the last Board she had also recently had her (withheld).
  7. The Board has the benefit of a psychological assessment dated 24 November 2020.  The psychologist said Ms McCormack’s risk is moderate to high of violent or general re‑offending and she did not have a release proposal.  The psychologist recommended individual treatment, education and employment opportunities and ACC counselling.
  8. Ms McCormack has undertaken some training with hairdressing which she tells us she enjoyed and she sees a future in that for her.  She has had two months of ACC counselling which she said she is finding helps.
  9. Ms McCormack has not yet been seen by a psychologist for individual treatment, she is waiting for that, and her case manager (withheld) said that she is near the top of the list.
  10. Ms McCormack only has 11 months remaining on her sentence, it is clear from the information before the Board that she needs intervention to address the causes of her offending, and we support the recommendations of the psychologist.
  11. The Board will see Ms McCormack again in four months, that is May 2021.  We make it clear that we expect some psychological intervention will at least have commenced by then, that Ms McCormack will be addressing the causes of her offending, and that she is getting assistance to prepare a release proposal.  Ms McCormack understands that if she is partway through rehabilitation, a Board is likely to wish her to complete it.

Ms M More

Panel Convenor