Peter William PEARSON 16/7/2021

Peter William PEARSON

Hearing: 16 July 2021

at Rolleston Prison

Members of the Board:                   Ms T Williams Blyth – Panel Convenor

Mr R Mihinui

Ms F Pimm

In Attendance:                                  (withheld) – Case Manager

(withheld) – Reintegration Coordinator


  1. Peter Pearson (aka Peter Ross) appears for consideration of parole on a six-year four-month sentence for serious child sexual offending including indecent assault, making intimate videos and possession of objectionable material.
  2. Mr Pearson completed the Kia Marama child sex offender programme (KM) in April this year.  He is currently participating in the graduate’s group.  In May 2019 he completed the drug treatment programme (DTP). He is currently participating in a follow-up alcohol and drug programme that should be finished by September.  It seems that he will be reviewing his learning and updating his safety plan.
  3. We have received a psychological report dated 18 June 2021.  Mr Pearson is assessed at well above average or at high risk of sexual reoffending.  The psychologist notes Mr Pearson's increased ability to identify offence paralleling behaviour as well as an increased insight into his high-risk situations.  The development of his reintegration plan is in the early stages.
  4. Mr Pearson has a limited support network.  There was a couple (withheld) who were supporting him, but they are no longer available due to ill-health.
  5. The report notes that Mr Pearson has applied for documents in his birth name (Peter Ross) and comments that his offending is recorded under the name Peter Pearson.
  6. The psychologist recommends that Mr Pearson:

(i) engage in the KM graduates’ group in prison.

(ii) engage in a reintegration/whānau hui where he can share his safety plan, and the strategies to avoid reoffending in the future.

(iii)      regularly review his safety plan when he is released.

  1. Mr Pearson has no expectations regarding release today.  Alcohol is a high-risk situation for him.  He is motivated to remain abstinent and complete the alcohol and drug programme that he is attending.
  2. A guided release is scheduled for later this month.  There is going to be a support meeting at the end of the month.  Only professionals will be attending as Mr Pearson does not have support in the community.  The KM unit have arranged weekly visits from a volunteer.
  3. If Mr Pearson remains in prison, they will look at submitting a release to work application.
  4. The PCO did not raise any issues.  The reports from work are positive.
  5. We have considered Mr Pearson's history which includes previous convictions for child sex offending and pornography, his current offending, completion of KM and the DTP, the addendum psychological report and our discussions today.
  6. Taking all matters into consideration we are not satisfied that Mr Pearson no longer poses an undue risk and parole is declined.  We will see Mr Pearson for further consideration of parole in March 2020 and no later than 30 March 2022.
  7. In the meantime, we support Mr Pearson completing the alcohol and drug follow-up programme and then engagement in reintegration activities.  Reintegration should also focus on developing a support network in the community.
  8. Before the next hearing we request a whānau/reintegration hui.

Ms T Williams Blyth

Panel Convenor