Roger Tira KAHUI 29/6/2021

Roger Tira KAHUI

Hearing: 29 June 2021

at Auckland South Corrections Facility via AVL to Auckland Prison

Members of the Board:

Sir Ron Young (Chairperson)

Dr J Skipworth

Ms C Tiumalu

Mr P Elenio

Counsel:                                           Mr R Chambers


  1. Mr Kahui who is 51 years of age was sentenced to preventative detention in 2007 for an extremely serious series of violent sexual attacks on a woman.  He had a minimum non-parole period of 13 years.  His ROC*ROI is .94 and his ASRS is 4.
  2. He has 11 pages of previous convictions involving a long history of property and violent offending.
  3. Mr Kahui had a very (withheld) and regretfully he has spent most of his life in and out of courts and in and out of prison.
  4. We last saw him in April 2021 and at that stage he had been waitlisted to do both the STURP and Adult Sex Offender Treatment Programme.  The thought was he needed some one on one help from a psychologist to undertake those programmes.  In addition we understood that he had a lawyer but was not present  and so we adjourned the matter.
  5. As to the current position Mr Kahui is assessed at being high risk of sexual and violent offending.  The psychological report recommended that he undertake both of the programmes we have mentioned.  We thought that at least three years would be required to do this.
  6. Today we spoke to Mr Kahui.  He said firstly he was not prepared to do any group based programme. He did not believe it would be helpful to him nor did he believe he could cope.  He said that he was happy in the prison where he was.  His behaviour in recent times has improved to the stage where he is now on low-medium security classification.
  7. He said that he was  prepared to undertake one on one work with a psychologist to try and address what he accepted were his significant risk based needs.  That will be a matter entirely for psychological services as to what treatment Mr Kahui is suitable for. However it does seem to us quite clear he is determined that he will not undertake any group based programme.
  8. We expressed the hope that Mr Kahui could co-operate in any of the rehabilitation programmes on offer to him.  No doubt  psychological services will wish to discuss with Mr Kahui his position as far as group based treatments are concerned. It will also be useful for his Case Manager and his psychologist discuss the way forward.
  9. In the meantime he remains an undue risk.  We will see him again by the end of June 2023 in just under two years given the significant rehabilitation work required.

Sir Ron Young