Rongopai PENE 17/8/2021

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Rongopai PENE

Hearing:                                            17 August 2021

at Spring Hill Corrections Facility Prison

Members of the Board:                   Ms Annabel Markham– Panel Convenor

Mr Alan Hackney

Mr Chester Borrows

In attendance:                                  

[withheld] – Case Manager

[withheld] – PCO


  1. Rongopai Pene appeared for his first consideration of parole on a sentence of two years seven months for burglary (times three) and intimidation. The latter offence involved Mr Pene persistently following a female jogger on a mountain bike path and hiding from her, he said, because he enjoyed watching her run. The sentencing Judge accepted the offending was sexually motivated. The burglaries were of residential properties and included Mr Pene rummaging through drawers and taking women's clothing among other items. One home was occupied by a woman asleep on the couch at the time.
  2. Mr Pene has a three-page history including numerous convictions for burglary and two convictions for doing an indecent act to insult committed in 2019. These offences involved him masturbating in front of women at the Redwood forest area and in a shop.
  3. The present offending occurred only 12 days after his release from prison on a sentence for burglary.
  4. [withheld]
  5. The Parole Assessment Report for today's hearing notes that Mr Pene has been involved in three incidents, including indecent behaviour towards a staff member but the file was closed without penalty.  He was referred in June of this year for a psychological assessment to determine his treatment pathway and was identified for individual treatment sessions with a psychologist. We were told today that those sessions have begun. Mr Pene has completed four sessions, and these will continue every Tuesday. Mr Pene told us today he has no idea why he offends. [withheld]
  6. The Case Manager said there may be some cognitive testing after the individual sessions with the psychologist. Mr Pene poses no issues in prison and the PCO described him as level-headed.
  7. There is no address proposed for release although referrals have been made to various agencies.
  8. In the circumstances risk is undue and parole is declined today. We will see Mr Pene again in six months’ time in February 2022 and before the end of that month. For the purposes of that hearing we request a psychological report assessing risk, progress in treatment and any further treatment needs. The report can also address any release proposals.

“Please note: you may be required to undergo a drug or alcohol test and or submit to drug or alcohol monitoring.”

A Markham

Panel Convenor