Sean Ian Te Hira SELBY 24/2/2021

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Sean Ian Te Hira SELBY

Hearing: 24 February 2021

at Rimutaka Prison via AVL from New Zealand Parole Board, Wellington

Members of the Board: Sir Ron Young – Chairperson

Assoc. Prof. P Brinded

Dr G Coyle

Counsel:                                           Ms Regina Sommers

In attendance:                                  (withheld)


  1. Mr Selby who is 31 years of age was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 2010. He had no previous criminal convictions prior to that offending.  Mr Selby stabbed a man to death.
  2. We last saw him in November 2020.  At that stage Mr Selby had completed the STURP programme and maintenance.  He had made good progress within the prison with respect to his education and has just started in self-care and Release to Work.
  3. There was some question about accommodation.  Mr Selby had suggested release to a residence in Wellington with (withheld) and other young people in their twenties and early thirties as appropriate.
  4. As to the current position Mr Selby has had guided releases, all his rehabilitation is now said to be completed and he asked that he be released to the accommodation in Wellington with (withheld) and others.  It is clear to us that (withheld) is very supportive of him and has committed herself long-term to that support.
  5. When the hearing began, we talked in some detail with Mr Selby about victim impact. We record that Mr Selby is very keen if possible, to undertake a restorative justice meeting with the victims.  We invite Corrections to make the first approach to the victims to see whether or not they would be prepared to be involved.
  6. We do not think that the accommodation suggested by Mr Selby for release is appropriate. As we have said there a number of young people, the youngest of which is Mr Selby’s (withheld), essentially in a flatting situation in the house in Wellington.  We consider for a number of reasons release to the (withheld) property would not be appropriate even taking account of his very supportive (withheld).  We have told Mr Selby we think he needs to look elsewhere for some form of supported accommodation in the community to get him underway after any release.
  7. Currently therefore he remains an undue risk given he does not have suitable accommodation.  There is a possibility of Corrections contacting (withheld) for accommodation support.  We express no particular view as to what accommodation might be appropriate or possible until we understand what accommodation is proposed.  Those enquiries will take some time.  This will involve the organisation talking to Mr Selby and for there to be a date available.
  8. In the meantime, he remains an undue risk without suitable accommodation.  We will see him again by the end of September 2021.

Sir Ron Young