Beaudine Karepe Kariatana BRADY 3/10/2022

Parole Hearing
Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002

Beaudine Karepe Kariatana BRADY

Hearing: 3 October 2022
at Whanganui Prison via MS Teams

Members of the Board: Ms K Snook – Panel Convenor
Ms K Coutts
Mr P Elenio

Counsel: Debbie Goodlet

In Attendance: [withheld]- Case Manager

Support Persons: [withheld]


1. Beaudine Karepe Kariatana Brady, 38, appeared for the further consideration of parole. Mr Brady is serving a sentence of 14 years and three months’ imprisonment for unlawful sexual connection with a male over 16 and wounding with intent to injure. He committed this offending within three weeks of his release from a nine-year sentence for rape of a female over 16 and related offending.
2. Mr Brady is on a minimum prison security classification, he has a RoC*RoI of 0.56069, and an ASRS score of 5. His statutory release date is 24 December 2022.
3. The Board saw Mr Brady last on 4 May 2022. That Board referred to the psychological treatment that he has completed which has been extensive. The psychological risk assessment that was before that Board, and which we have considered, is dated 23 August 2021. Mr Brady remains assessed as at high risk of violent offending and at moderate to high risk of sexual offending.
4. The last Board wanted several matters to be completed by today. This included the finalisation of supported accommodation, further steps to enhance the relationship between Mr Brady and [withheld], the building of extended support for Mr Brady in the community, and his participation in reintegrative steps, such as guided releases, if that opportunity became available to Mr Brady. The last Board also noted that an extended supervision order (ESO) was to be applied for in relation to Mr Brady.
5. There has been progress made in relation to some of those matters. Although Mr Brady was pursuing the option of release to supported accommodation provided by the [withheld], a new release proposal is now on the table. That is at [withheld]. That has been initiated by the Department’s high-risk response team as a result of the ESO that has now been granted by the court in relation to Mr Brady. The ESO was imposed for a term of five years on 26 August 2022.
6. There was an addendum report before the Board which updated the Board in relation to the accommodation proposed [withheld]. A multidisciplinary team meeting was held on 29 September 2022 confirming that [withheld] is the most appropriate placement for Mr Brady. A video conference was then conducted with Mr Brady and [withheld] staff on 30 September 2022. He was given the opportunity to gain further information about the facility. [withheld], was also present during the meeting.
7. Mr Brady told the Board today that he is willing to be accommodated at [withheld]. He knows that he needs help to transition after such a long time in prison. He understands what the facility can assist him with and that he will also be able to access the support that he has developed for himself. He said that this support includes not only [withheld], but also his [withheld], the psychologist, and other whanau. Currently, there is no confirmed bed date for Mr Brady at [withheld].
8. We are not satisfied regarding risk today. It remains undue. That is because there is not a confirmed bed date for Mr Brady at the [withheld] facility. We accept the submission made by Mr Brady’s counsel, Ms Goodlet, that there is merit in Mr Brady being released slightly earlier than his statutory release date if possible, so that he has a short time on parole before the Christmas shutdown.
9. Parole today is declined. Given the submissions of counsel we will schedule Mr Brady to be seen again by a Board in November 2022 and no later than the end of that month. For that next hearing we ask that the following be completed:
a) now that the release proposal to [withheld] has been confirmed, there should be a reintegration hui;
b) guided releases if at all possible, and whatever other reintegration activities can be made available to him;
c) finalisation of the release plan including treatment and counselling in the community and, in particular, advice for the next Board about the date of a bed at [withheld] for Mr Brady; and

d) advice for the next Board about how Mr Brady’s contact with his whānau who
remain members of the gang will be managed and whether a special condition is appropriate to address that situation.
10. Mr Brady should send the next Board a copy of his safety plan.
11. In addition, it would be useful if the proposed special conditions of the ESO are available for the next Board to consider.

Ms K Snook
Panel Convenor