Jason Craig MACKRELL 12/12/2022

Progress hearing

Under section 29B(2)(b) of the Parole Act 2002

Jason Craig MACKRELL

Hearing: 12 December 2022

at Annex Road Community Corrections via MS Teams

Members of the Board:

Ms S Bailey - Panel Convenor

Mr L Tawera

Mr A Spierling Prof Phil Brinded

Attendees: [withheld] - Probation Officer

Support Persons: 

[withheld] - Mental Health Psych

[withheld] - Mental Health Case Manager


  1. Jason Craig Mackrell appears before the Board for a progress hearing. Mr Mackrell is serving a sentence of life imprisonment for attempted murder, murder and rapes. The offending involved the murder and rapes of elderly women. Prior to that offending he had other convictions for drugs and property offending.
  2. The Board's release decision dated 29 June 2022 outlines Mr Mackrell's previous forensic history. Mr Mackrell had spent some time in [withheld] in Christchurch. While he was at [withheld] he had leave to [withheld], which gradually built up from three nights per week to full-time accommodation. Mr Mackrell is presently doing very well there.
  3. The report prepared for today's hearing is a good report. Mr Mackrell engaged with the Board and spoke well. He said he was focusing on working which he enjoys and going out with a men's group which was formed when he was in hospital. A number of ex­patients get together regularly and enjoy sharing activities such as dinners out, gathering at one or other's residences and visiting markets.
  4. Mr Mackrell also told the Board that he has had a good lady friend for the past two years and they were both getting on really well together. He told the Board that he had asked her to be his girlfriend but at this stage she is not willing to do so and it may be something that will be considered at a later date.
  5. Mr Mackrell has employment with a company called [withheld]. Unfortunately, his contract will finish later this month and he has no job to go on to just yet. He has made an application for one position and is waiting to hear back about that potential employment. In the meantime, he will work with Corrections and their employment service to find new employment. He enjoys being employed.
  6. Mr Mackrell has transitioned well into his parole status. This also includes his change of care to the Forensic Community Team. His Case Manager was present at the hearing today and said he was going very well and he had now been dealing with Mr Mackrell for approximately six months. The Case Manager advised that Mr Mackrell had good insight into his offending and treatment needs and was well aware of his early warning signs. He further stated that Mr Mackrell always attends his medication appointments and a recent clinical review resulted with a good report. They further encourage him to obtain work when he can as this appears to be a good factor in his reintegration.
  7. [withheld] (psychologist) was also present and she advised the Board that Mr Mackrell was going well in general, communicating well and making appropriate disclosures to the psychological team.
  8. Overall, the report is an excellent one and his transition back into the community is going very well. There has been no request for a change of conditions.
  9. The only condition to go will be the curfew condition. A further monitoring hearing is considered appropriate considering it is very early days still for Mr Mackrell's release from the [withheld] environment. Mr Mackrell will be seen again for a further progress hearing in April 2023.
  10. The special conditions are:

(1) To reside at [withheld] Christchurch or any other address approved in writing by a Probation Officer, and not move from that address unless you have the prior written approval of a Probation Officer.

(2) To attend a psychological assessment and attend, participate in and complete any recommended treatment as directed by a Probation Officer.

(3) To attend an alcohol and drug assessment, and attend, participate in and complete any treatment or counselling directed by a Probation Officer.

(4) Not to possess, use, or consume alcohol, controlled drugs or psychoactive substances except controlled drugs prescribed for you by a health professional.

(5) To disclose to a Probation Officer, at the earliest opportunity, details of any intimate relationship which commences, resumes, or terminates.

(6) To obtain the written approval of a Probation Officer before starting or changing your position and/or place of employment (including voluntary and unpaid work). To notify a Probation Officer if you leave your position of employment.

(7) Not to have contact or otherwise associate, with any victim of your offending, [including previous offending] directly or indirectly, unless you have the prior written approval of a Probation Officer.

(8) To attend a reintegration meeting as directed by a Probation Officer.

(9) To comply with any direction made under section 29B(2)(b) of the Parole Act 2002 to attend a hearing at a time and place to be notified to you.

(10) Subject to section 15(5) of the Parole Act 2002, to take any medication prescribed by a health professional in accordance with any directions given by the health professional.

(11) To attend appointments with a mental health provider as directed by a Probation Officer.

“Please note: you may be required to undergo a drug or alcohol test and or submit to drug or alcohol monitoring.”

Serina Bailey

Panel Convenor