Meha TAYLOR-HAEATA 22/6/2022

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002


Hearing: 22 June 2022

at Rimutaka Prison via MS Teams

Members of the Board:

Mr N Trendle, Panel Convenor

Ms W Taumaunu

Ms M Kleist

In Attendance:   [withheld] - Case Manager


  1. Meha Hemi Taylor-Haeata is making a further appearance before the Board on a total sentence of 11 years’ imprisonment for serious sexual offending, burglary, aggravated robbery and other offences.  His statutory release date is 7 June 2028.
  2. As the Board noted in its last decision, Mr Taylor-Haeata pleaded guilty to the charges on which he was convicted, but now maintains that he was not at the address when the sexual offending occurred.  The Board noted that he was to attend the Special Treatment Unit Programme for Violent Offenders.
  3. Mr Taylor-Haeata completed the Drug Treatment Programme in February 2019 and he attended the Special Treatment Unit Programme for Violent Offenders, but told us he was discharged a short time before the programme ended.  He told us that though he had not graduated he had received a certificate.  Mr Taylor-Haeata endeavoured to explain the benefits he gained from attending the programme, but acknowledged that there was still work remaining for him to do.
  4. We noted an apparent lack of insight into the offending for which he pleaded guilty and agree with him that there is substantial further work to be completed before the Board could be satisfied that his return to the community would not pose an undue risk to the safety of others.
  5. We decline to direct his release on parole today.  He will be scheduled to return to the Board in five months, by 30 November 2022.  For that hearing we request a psychological addendum assessing the progress Mr Taylor-Haeata had made in the interventions he has completed to date, identifying any gaps and with recommendations as to how those gaps or any other needs may best be addressed.

N Trendle

Panel Convenor