Nyal HEKE 18/5/2022

Parole Hearing

Under section 21(2) of the Parole Act 2002



Members of the Board:

In Attendance:

18 May 2022

at Christchurch Mens Prison via MS Teams

Judge M Crosbie - Panel Convenor

Mr A Hackney

Mr C King

[withheld] - Case Manager


  1. Mr Heke appeared today. He is programmed for his first parole hearing. Mr Heke is 33 and serving a sentence for rape and subsequent to the imposition of that sentence, violent offending within the prison. He has a total sentence length of 11 years.
  2. His sentence commenced on 29 June 2018 and his parole eligibility date is 26 May 2022. His statutory release date 15 February 2028.
  3. This is Mr Heke's first parole hearing into his sentence. The process was explained to him. He had no expectation of release on parole today. He is currently engaged in the STU:ASO. That programme is due to complete in June.
  4. Mr Heke has been seen by a department psychologist and there is a report before the Board dated 22 March 2022. That report notes the current therapy that Mr Heke is undergoing and supports, at the conclusion of the STU:ASO, one-on-one psychological counselling. In terms of overall assessment of risk, Mr Heke is assessed as above average of high risk of further sexual offending and a high risk of further violent offending.
  5. Mr Heke understands that he has some work to do and, as noted, did not seek parole today. The Board invited Mr Heke to have a discussion with his Case Manager and PCO about progress following completion of one-on-one psychological counselling. The Board notes that he has attended [withheld] previously but was exited.  Mr Heke is contemplating return to the [withheld], but is also thinking that the [withheld] presents high-risk factors for him. In the Board's view, some work needs to go into Mr Heke's long- term view and that will inform where Mr Heke should serve the balance of his sentence. Location may be instrumental in the formulation of an appropriate release plan and obtaining community support.
  6. In light of the above, the Board at this time cannot be satisfied that Mr Heke does not pose an undue risk to the safety of the community and declines his release on parole. Mr Heke will be listed to be seen at the May 2023 meeting with the Board.

Judge M Crosbie

Panel Convenor